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Best Plants For Hanging Baskets

Learn about the Best Plants For Hanging Baskets. Hanging baskets filled with colorful flowers and plants are very showy and elegant and adorn any garden. You don’t need a lot of space to display them, too!

A variety of flowers and plants can be grown in hanging baskets. The choice of plants in baskets depends on both the size of the basket and the growing conditions where the basket has to be placed. The baskets, which are kept in the shade and less windy space are easier to look after as they require less watering.

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Best Plants for Hanging Baskets

1. Nasturtium

If you are looking for a quick growing and low maintenance plant, nasturtium is the plant you should consider. The trailing varieties of nasturtium work especially well and it is one of best plants for hanging baskets. Nasturtium loves the warmth and sun, though they can tolerate partial shade. They prefer poor soil and doesn’t need much fertilizer.

2. Petunia

Petunia is one of the most popular flowers and best plant for hanging the basket. It covers hanging basket quickly and blooms profusely. There are many varieties of petunias that come in myriads of colors black.

3. Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes (cherry tomatoes) in hanging baskets is an apt way to use vertical space, plus they adapt easily unlike other vegetables. Basically, your success in growing tomatoes depends on three factors— yours choosing right variety, basket, and providing it appropriate conditions if you satisfy all of the three, you’ll get rich homegrown tomatoes in harvesting season. Learn how to grow tomatoes in a hanging basket.

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4. Portulaca

Portulaca or moss rose is an excellent trailing ground cover plant, not only the colorful flowers, its needle-like succulent foliage looks wonderful too. This tropical beauty can be grown as an annual plant in non-tropical places and as a perennial in tropics in both containers and hanging baskets.

5. Begonia

Begonias are the perfect plant for shady places. It blooms continuously in summer and fall and in shades of pink, red, and white. The best Begonias for hanging baskets are trailing varieties. Begonias require moist soil, however, you shouldn’t overwater begonias, as the plant is susceptible to root rot.

6. Philodendron and Spider Plant

Both the spider plant and species of philodendron are considered as houseplants, but they can also be grown outdoors in protected conditions. They do better when grown alone in a hanging planter. Spider plant forms a rosette or grouping of the bush like light green and white variegated foliage.

Philodendrons have solidly light green or variegated, waxy, heart-shaped leaves and have a vine-like growing habit. They require indirect sunlight and grow well in the shade outdoors or in low light, indoors.

7. Diascia

Diascia is another hanging basket plant that you can grow. This short-lived perennial is often grown as an annual, it is hardy in warmer zones (USDA Zones 9-11), however, some varieties are hardy down to Zone 7. Its beautiful colorful flowers are rather small, of bright colors, and appear in clusters from spring to fall.

8. Geranium

The Geranium is another plant that can be grown in baskets. Both the foliage and flowers are beautiful. Geraniums prefer a sunny spot and well-draining soil to flower.

9. Verbena

It is possible to grow verbena in a hanging basket, this sun-loving plant is suitable for South facing places. Verbenas come in a variety of colors and shades including pink, purple, white, red and lavender, etc. The cluster of flowers blooms continuously throughout the summer in a cold climate. Whereas, in tropics verbenas are perennial.


Fuchsia is an elegant and colorful flowering hanging basket plant that prefers shade and cool summers. Flowers from over 120 varieties of fuchsia plants can grow to a length of 4 inches. The trailing stems cascade out over the hanging basket with a mass of colorful flowers. Fuchsia flowers are often deep pink or orange with purple or white vibrant trimmings.

11. Impatiens

The impatiens grow best in shade space and in moist soil. It comes in a variety of colors including salmon, cherry, pink, white, and lavender. If growing in baskets, apply a balanced fertilizer every two to three weeks. Impatiens grow very easily from seed and cuttings.

12. Dianthus

Dianthus comes in over 300 varieties and usually grown as an annual. This well-known flower is good for borders, ground covers, for cut flowers and several species, are compact enough for planting in the hanging baskets, offering a profusion of flowers during the summer.

13. Ivy

Evergreen, perennial plant, ivy comes with a variety of leaf shapes and variegated foliage types. It is a perfect plant that provides a background for the gaudiest colors. It trails gracefully in hanging baskets. Most ivy varieties thrive inside the home, as they do not require direct sunlight and only need minimal care. However, it grows outside easily in shade.

14. Pansy

Pansies are a fast-growing plant that provides masses of beautiful flowers during the summer in many shades. Deadhead them to extend bloom time.

15. Lobelia

One of the best flowers that grows easily in containers. Popular for the colors. The leaves are small, smooth, shiny and tiny flowers appear in blue, purple, pink or white. It blooms all summer long. Abundant and long flowering is promoted by regular trimming of withered shoots.

16. Sweet Alyssum

Sitting near a sweet alyssum hanging basket is a joy. This amazing fragrant flower is perfect for balcony and rooftop gardens. The trailing habit makes it is a perfect plant for hanging baskets.

17. Lantana

Small weeping varieties are more suitable for hanging baskets shrubby ones. The lantana flowers are fragrant, colorful, pleasing, attract pollinators but invasive perennial in warm frost-free areas. But in hanging baskets or in pots they are controllable. You can also grow lantana in colder regions as an annual.

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18. Calibrachoa

Also called “Million Bells“, this beautiful cousin of petunia is more suitable for hanging baskets than petunias and more durable to changing weather conditions and diseases. It can grow up to 8 inches tall. The plant produces blooms all summer long and in fall in moderate climates until the first frost. Whereas in tropics, it blooms in winter and spring.

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19. Nemesia

Nemesia is one of the easiest annuals that you can grow in both pots and in hanging baskets. It is a hardy perennial in USDA Zones 9-10. Its flowers are double-lipped with a spur in small pansy-like appearance and lobelia-like size.

20. Bacopa

Featuring white, pink, and blue flowers, bacopa is an ideal groundcover plant to grow in hanging baskets. It is easy to plant and requires well-drained moist soil for growth. Bacopa also attracts butterflies.

21. Osteospermum

Popularly known as cape daisy, Osteospermum is a colorful drought-tolerant plant. It features pink, lavender, white, and yellow flowers, best for growing in hanging baskets. Osteospermums are winter-loving plants and prefer bright light for blooming.

22. Pothos

Pothos is one of the easiest houseplants to grow in hanging baskets. It requires less care, low light and moist soil to nurture properly. Planting these also helps in purifying the air indoors by filtering out harmful toxins.

23. Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Native to Africa, Black-eyed Susan vine is a charming plant to grow in hanging baskets. It is easy to grow, requires neutral soil and boats beautiful red, orange, yellow and white flowers.


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Learn about the Best Plants For Hanging Baskets. Hanging baskets filled with colorful flowers and plants are very showy and elegant and adorn any garden. You don't need a lot of space to display them, too!



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