4 Best Ways to Propagate Croton Easily

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Here are the Best Ways to Propagate Croton that will help you make more of this colorful plant easily at home!

Best Ways to Propagate Croton 1

Ever wondered how to make more Croton plants from just one? Well, you’re in for a treat! Whether you’re a green-thumb pro or just getting started with gardening, Propagating Crotons is not difficult.

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Best Ways to Propagate Croton Easily

#1. From Stem Cuttings in Soil


Croton plant propagation is easiest if you do it from stem cuttings. Take 5-6 inches-long cuttings using a sharp blade or knife. Cut at a 45-degree angle and ensure each cutting has 3-4 sets of leaves at the top.

Get rid of all the leaves at the bottom. Dip the cutting’s end in a rooting hormone and plant it in any well-draining potting mix; you can also plant the cuttings in pure peat moss or coconut coir.

Additionally, cover the cutting with a plastic bottle or a clear plastic bag to replicate a greenhouse-like atmosphere; in it, the temperature will be constant.

Ideally, around 65-78°F or 18-27°C is best. Water well using a plant mister and keep the pot where they get plenty of bright but indirect light. The cutting will form roots in 3-4 weeks.

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#2. Croton Propagation in Water

Best Ways to Propagate Croton 2

Follow the same procedure as above to take the cuttings; only this time, you have to root them in a vase or jar of nonchlorinated water. Keep the cutting at a place where it gets filtered light and change the water once in every 3-5 days.

It will form roots in a month, and then you can keep it as a decorative centerpiece or transplant it in the garden or a pot filled with a well-draining growing medium.

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3. Propagating Croton via Air Layering


Pick a branch from a mature, healthy plant growing in indirect sunlight. Use a sharp blade to make a shallow diagonal cut or through half the diameter of the branch in a way that its bark will be removed, as shown in this tutorial video here.

Use sphagnum moss or coco peat to cover the cut portion, mist it with water, and then wrap a clear polythene bag to trap the moisture inside. After 3-4 weeks, the branch will start to grow roots. At this stage, you can snip the newly rooted stem without damaging the mother plant and cultivate it in a desired location.

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4. Petiole Rooting for Propagating Croton Plants

Best Ways to Propagate Croton 4

Remove a healthy leaf from a plant along with the petiole. Now, place the leaf in a glass of water, as shown in the picture. Wait for 4-6 weeks for new root growth.

Once you notice root development from the leaves, transplant it in a pot filled with ground coir or perlite and peat mixed in equal quantities.

Note: The only thing is you have to take a leaf with a node for it to form roots, unlike the one in the picture, which has no node to it.  

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For all the ways to propagate Croton mentioned here, Spring and Summer is the best time to grow this plant; you can also try it in the early fall. If the temperature drops below 40–50 degrees Fahrenheit in your area, then avoid growing it. If you live in a warmer zone, you can grow it at any time of the year.

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