Suyash is a Master Gardener and the Chief Editor and Strategy Director at With over 10 years of hands-on experience, he specializes in houseplants, container gardening, and succulents. His vast expertise in growing plants makes him an authority in the field of houseplants.


  • Editorial and Strategy Director at BalconyGardenWeb
  • Certified Master Gardener
  • Over 10 years of specialized experience in houseplant cultivation
  • Owner of a successful plant nursery focusing on houseplants
  • Expert in small-space and indoor gardening


Suyash’s journey began a decade ago as a home gardener passionate about houseplants. Over the years, he scaled up to own a plant nursery specializing in indoor plants. At BalconyGardenWeb, he oversees content strategy and enriches the community with articles focusing on houseplant care and maintenance.

A Word From Suyash

“Houseplants are more than decorative elements; they are living companions that enhance our quality of life. I’m committed to empowering individuals to turn their homes into lush sanctuaries filled with thriving houseplants.”


Suyash earned his Master Gardener certification, substantiating his expertise in houseplant care. In addition, he majored in Landscape Horticulture (LH & LDC) at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. This educational background complements his skills in gardening and further enhances his proficiency in the field of horticulture.


  • Houseplant Care and Cultivation
  • Content Strategy and Editorial Direction
  • Master Gardening