7 Best Bromeliads Anyone Can Grow Easily Indoors

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Want to grow exotic houseplants like bromeliads? But their fussy reputation is stopping you? Well, try these 7 Best Bromeliads Anyone Can Grow Easily Indoors!

Bromeliads are one of the most colorful plants you can adorn your rooms with. If you want the most stunning ones for your home, then check out these Best Bromeliads Anyone Can Grow Easily Indoors!

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Best Bromeliads Anyone Can Grow Easily Indoors

The plants mentioned in the list belong to the Bromeliaceae family which has more than 3500 species! We have picked the best ones for you that are also surprisingly easy to grow! 

1. Tillandsia

Best Bromeliads Anyone Can Grow Easily Indoors

Botanical Name: Tillandsia spp

Commonly known as air plants, tillandsia is the largest genera in the bromeliad family. It features tubular flowers in white, pink, violet, blue, and yellow shades. This bromeliad has minimalistic needs for care and attention.

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2. Earth Stars


Botanical Name: Cryptanthus spp

This terrestrial bromeliad is quite forgiving of changes in temperatures, though keep them around 60-85 F range to help thrive better. The plant prefers bright indirect light and somewhat humid conditions, which you can create by frequent misting.

The best varieties are ‘Black Mystic’ and ‘Osiris.’

3. Vriesea

Best Bromeliads Anyone Can Grow Easily Indoors 2

Botanical Name: Vriesea spp

Vriesea bromeliads are available in both flowering and foliage types. The plant displays flat, colorful flower bracts with small insignificant blooms. Vriesea prefers bright indirect light and temperatures above 60 F (16 C).

4. Neoregelia


Botanical Name: Neoregelia spp

This species of the bromeliad genus is more cold-hardy than other varieties. Grow Neoregelia in bright, indirect light like most bromeliads. The common type and favorite of many that you can grow is Blushing Bromeliad with variegated narrow leaves.

5. Billbergia

Best Bromeliads Anyone Can Grow Easily Indoors 3

Botanical Name: Billbergia spp

Grow this species in a mix of potting soil combined with peat moss and bark chips which makes it better to water the plant, grow it in bright, indirect light.

Popular species you can grow are B. pyramidalis, B. saundersii, B. distachia, and B. nutans.

6. Pineapple


Botanical Name: Ananas comosus

The best thing about pineapple is the plant looks amazing and also produces tasty fruit! You can easily grow it indoors as long as you give it plenty of bright and indirect light.

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7. Dyckia

Botanical Name: Dyckia

These plants belong to the bromeliad family, and their drought-tolerant nature makes them one of the easiest ones to grow. They look a lot like succulents and come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

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