24 Chic DIY Air Plant Holders

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Check out awesome DIY Air Plant Holders that you can make by yourself to display them in your home more stylishly!

Check out some amazing DIY Air Plant Holders that you can make easily at home without spending too much money. There are enough for everyone’s liking!

Awesome DIY Air Plant Holders

1. DIY Air Plant Stand

DIY Air Plant Stand

Display air plants with a modern touch using a wooden block and floral wire. This DIY doesn’t ask for much efforts, just drill in the block and place the floral wire in the hole! Check out more DIY ideas to display air plants here.

2. Air Plant Hangers

Air Plant Hangers

Tie each end of dowel rod with suede lace to create an effortless hanger to display air plants. The measurements and other details are here.

3. Air Plant Holders

Drill holes in wooden blocks and spheres to fit in your air plants in them like this. A great DIY to add modernity to your home decor without any hard work. If you’ve any problem growing air plants, check out these care tips.

4. DIY Air Plant Saucer

Shape oven bake clay into a saucer, then add nylon cord to it to hang it. How? The steps available at DIY Network will teach you.

5. Branch Hanger

Get inspired here to use thin branches, glue gun, and fishing line to DIY a rustic hanger for air plants.

6. Jellyfish Air Plant DIY

If you want a beachy decor in your house, this DIY is for you. You can even add some colors if you wish to take it to the next level.

7. Geometric Hangers

Exaggerate your inner space with these geometric hangers and their best companion; Air Plants! Paper straws, twine, wooden beads, scissors, ruler, air plants, and this tutorial is all you need to get started.

8. Copper Air Plant Holders

Who knew you could make these incredible air plant holders with copper couplings and copper elbows. The tutorial is at Poppy Talk.

9. Air Plant Cage

Create a 3D geometric air plant holder using hollow brass rods and craft wire. Understand the steps through this video and create a bunch of these to add fun to your interior decor.

10. Air Plant Containers

Upcycle any cool looking plastic bottle lids into these upside-down air plant hangers. Make a hole on top of a bottle lid to attach the thread and spray paint it to make this holder. Find the idea here.

11. Air Plant Hanger

Attach a steel rope loop to a piece of scrap wood and place your air plants in it. Check the tutorial here.

12. Air Plant Holder

Check out 18 DIY Air Plant Holders that you can make by yourself to display air plants in your home more stylishly.

This is a different version of that rope loop idea above. Find more information in this DIY.

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13. Birch Hanger

Grab a set of birch candle holders to try this idea here. The texture of birch and rope is what makes this DIY a great centerpiece.

14. Wooden Holder

diy air plant holders

Create this crafty air plant holder that you can hang or keep freestanding on a desk, both. Click here for more information.

15. Floral Wire Air Plant Holder DIY

Depending upon the shape you want, wrap floral wire around sturdy objects and suspend from the ceiling using fishline. Find it here.

16. Fridge Magnet Air Plant Holders

Use plastic Easter eggs, magnets, scissors, and craft glue for this DIY air plant holder. Separate the two halves of the easter egg and glue magnet on them using craft glue, that’s it!

17. DIY Stone Air Plant Holder

With the help of wire, attach air plants to decorative stone beads and you are done. This DIY is simple, just handle the wire loop with care.

18. DIY Copper Air Plant Holder

Make a chic new air plant holder with a copper tube and clay. Check the step-by-step

19. Hanging Air Plant Holder

These air plant holders are great from a small room where you can use a corner space to hang them.

20. Grow an Air Plant on a Crystal

All you need is a crystal or rock of your choice, an air plant, and a non-toxic glue for this DIY.

21. Mossy Air Plant Wreath

Check out this blog where you can learn how to make a great mossy wreath with air plants easily!

22. Easy Air Plant Centerpiece

Great for coffee tables, you just need a large cylindrical glass vase with some air plants for this.

22. Eggs Used As Planters

Do not throw away the eggshells and use them creatively to showcase air plants! Details are here.

23. Clay Air Plant Wall Hanger

Here are all the details you need to make this colorful air plant holder without too much effort.

24. Wooden Air Plant Holder

Watch this video to learn how to make this chic air plant holder and hang it on your bedroom wall!

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