25 Best Houseplants for Kids

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Thinking about the Best Houseplants for Kids, for their rooms? These indoor plants are low care, non-toxic and each has a distinctive appearance to attract the children.

There are about zillions of options to choose from when it comes to houseplants. But when it comes to choosing houseplants for children, it becomes even more important to be selective. The first and foremost priority while selecting the houseplant is that it should not be toxic and prickly, other aspects to consider are their appearance, growing requirements, and unique features. For example, the sensitive plant, which has the ability to unfold its leaves when touched.

1. Snake Plant

Thinking about the Best Houseplants for Kids for their rooms? These indoor plants are low care, non-toxic and each has a distinctive appearance to attract the children.

You’ll not be able to find an alternative to this one when it comes to a friendly houseplant. It does not require much attention and live without water for a long duration. If that’s not enough, this plant also purifies the air like no other houseplant. See its benefits here!

2. Gerbera Jamesonii

Children adore this plant because of the large beautiful flowers. Turn your child’s bedroom more vibrant and colorful by making the combination of various colorful flowering varieties. The only stipulation to make gerbera daisy bloom indoors is sunlight. If there’s a window in your kid’s room that gets partial sunlight, keep it there.

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3. Christmas Cactus

Easy to propagate, Christmas cactus will help children to learn the art of propagation. The growth of new plants from cutting is surely going to leave them awestruck. It blooms during the holiday season, which makes it a perfect plant choice for the winter months.

4. African Violet

Native to Africa they do exceptionally well in indoor conditions. Lavender, blue, pink, red, and white are some of the common colors of its flowers. One of the best houseplants for kids, keep them in a spot that receives all day long bright indirect sunlight, much better if there’s an exposure to just a few hours of the morning sun.

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5. Boston Fern

Most people believe that ferns are toxic to children and pets which is not the case with Boston fern and a few others like the sword or maidenhair fern, find a few more here. It is a classic addition to any interior. Check out best ferns you can grow indoors.

6. ZZ Plant

ZZ plant is an interesting houseplant; it grows well in indirect light and doesn’t require much maintenance. You can count on your kid–it’ll not die. It has low watering needs and seldom gets affected by pest infestation. One thing to remember about ZZ is, ingesting it is mildly toxic due to the calcium oxalate in it. It’s better not to plant this in young kids’ room or better notify them.

7. Spider Plant

Due to its unusual name, and little spiderettes that dangles down from the mother plant, spider plant can render curiosity in your child. This plant is low maintenance, so no extra care. It has many health benefits too, you find them here. And, the best part, it’s completely safe and non-toxic.

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8. Lucky Bamboo

Best Houseplants for Kids

One of the easiest houseplants that even a child can grow. It can grow solely in water, which is definitely going to leave kids amazed. Fill any glass vase with water and place the lucky bamboo plants in that. Remember, the water should cover the roots. It’s one of the positive energy plants according to Feng Shui, find more such plants here.

9. Flowering Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is one of the few best flowering houseplants. It can perk up any room with its vibrant blooms–the only requirement is sunlight. If you have a South or West-facing window, it’ll flower profusely.

Note: This plant is non-poisonous to human but mild to moderately poisonous to pets and livestock.

10. Jasmine

This popular plant tops the list when it comes to fragrant flowers. Research has shown that surrounding yourself with the scent of jasmine has a calming effect. It also helps in concentration, enhances mood and boosts memory. To grow jasmine indoors, you’ll need a spot that gets at least a few hours of direct sunlight.

11. Air Plants

Air plants don’t need soil to grow. They’re super easy to grow and can make your kids attractive towards growing plants. Locate them at a spot with good air circulation. Avoid keeping them at places with cold drafts and air conditioner vents. Learn how to care for air plants here.

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12. Jade Plant

Resilient to diseases and a long lifespan, if that was not enough this plant also produces flowers. The oval-shaped leaves and bonsai-like look gives the jade plant a charming appearance and makes it a suitable plant for bonsais. Check out this list of best plants and trees for bonsai.

Note: Jade plant is mildly toxic, ingesting it can cause slight stomach upset.

13. Peace Lily

If existing as a non-toxic plant is not enough this plant removes VOCs like Formaldehyde, Toluene, and Xylene from the air as well. It’s in the list of NASA plants and also helps in restful sleep. The main reason peace lily is famous for its big white bracts.

14. Ponytail Palm

Best houseplants for children's room

One other bizarre name of this succulent plant is Elephant’s foot–It’s due to its appearance. It tolerates drought, grows well in indirect sunlight and doesn’t suffer from major pest problems. All these facts make it an excellent houseplant for children’s room.

15. Bromeliad

It is a long lasting plant which brings the feeling of the sunkissed tropical region to your home. Because of its exotic and vibrant foliage, many people believe that it must be a high maintenance plant, which is far from being true.

16. Rubber Tree

Children are susceptible to irritation in eyes, nose, throat, and even some respiratory problems when exposed to formaldehyde, and rubber tree plant can remove it. It’s such a beautiful large houseplant, also, perfect for home offices and living rooms. Learn about the plants that reduce formaldehyde here.

Note: The sap of the rubber tree plant is mildly toxic.

17. Dracaena

Many species of Dracaena are popular indoor plants as they are low maintenance and large-sized plants. Dracaena Marginata aka Dragon tree is one of those varieties, which was also a part of the famous NASA plant study as it purifies the indoor air.

18. Pothos

Pothos is a beautiful trailing houseplant with heart-shaped leaves. You can add them in hanging baskets in your kid’s room in a spot that receives indirect sunlight. Also, there are many health benefits of pothos plants, which you can read here.

19. Sensitive Plant

Sensitive plant is one of the best houseplants for kids

Mimosa pudica, which is known as ‘Sensitive plant’ or ‘Shame plant,’ grows naturally in tropics. The reason behind the interesting names is its leaves that fold inward when touched. This plant needs warmth and all day long bright indirect light (the more light, the better thrive indoors.

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20. Croton

Crotons are gorgeous plants, there’re many varieties to choose from, and all of them can beautify any room due to their noticeable foliage. Children will love them for their large and colorful glossy leaves. One thing to note is they’re slightly poisonous and can cause non-serious medical conditions after ingestion.

21. Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous plants are difficult to grow. But, you can definitely grow them, and there are not many plants in this list that can compete with the interest they will create in your kids. You can learn how to care for them here.

22. Lithops

Best houseplants for kids

Lithops are small succulent plants that look like stones or pebbles–you can also grow them indoors. They will surely catch the interest of young ones. Everything about growing lithops and their care is here in this article.

23. Lemon Tree

Growing a lemon tree in a pot is easy, and you can grow it indoors if you’ve got a sunny window. However, take care of its thorns. Some varieties are very prickly and if you have a naughty kid or dog, be extra careful. Check out our growing guide to learn more.

24. Echeveria

Echeverias are beautiful succulents with fleshy blue-green leaves. You can experiment and plant them in unique small containers for a more intriguing look. Here’re a few ideas. You can grow them in wine glasses, bottles, terrariums and toys.

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25. Polka Dot Plant

25 Best Houseplant for KidsA suitable houseplant to keep in your children’s room for their dramatic look, and our Editor’s favorite. They’re also known as freckled face or pink splash plant due to the beautiful pink, purple, white color spots on their leaves as if the paint is sprayed.

Note: It’s non-toxic according to ASPCA.

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