17 Best Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures

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Here are 17 Best Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures; growing these will bring greenery as well as prosperity to your home!

Although every green specimen is a small bundle of happiness with blissful characteristics, placing the right one at the entrance will bring prosperity to your home. Read on to know the Best Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures. 

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Best Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures

1. Chrysanthemum

Best Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures

With round flowers in beautiful, bright shades and sizes, Chrysanthemums are lucky in many cultures, and in China, they symbolize long life. In European countries, these flowers signify an expression of sympathy.

You can grow them on either side of the entryway for good luck.

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2. Sage

Growing sage helps in getting rid of all evils and negative energies. Grow it near the front door to keep all negativity out of your house.

The indigenous people of America also burn white sage to attract positive energy and good vibes. It is a common ceremony that’s been practiced for ages.  

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3. Basil

Best Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures 2

Sweet basil has cultural importance in Greece, and it’s said to bring luck and health. You can grow it near the front door for good fortune and ward off diseases.

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4. Citrus Tree


According to Slavic mythology and Feng Shui, the citrus tree brings good luck and fortune. Plant a dwarf citrus tree on either side of the front door to block the negative energy flow.

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5. Lucky Bamboo

Best Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures 3

Lucky Bamboo is one of the most promising plants according to Feng Shui. It can block negativity, bring good luck, and attract positive energy when placed near the front door

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6. Jade Plant


The Jade plant is easy to care for and long-living. According to Kanso’s principle, which follows the teachings of the Japanese Zen philosophy, the plant attracts good vibes.

In terms of aesthetics and interior design, the plant helps to attract positive energy and build wealth.

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7. Areca PalmBest Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures 4

According to Feng Shui, growing one or more Areca Palms right at the front door is a sure-shot way to attract positive vibes to the place while keeping the negative energy at bay.

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8. Morning Glory


According to Feng Shui, Morning Glory is one of the best ornamental plants that can positively affect the family. In different Asian cultures, growing this plant by the front door or window invites good luck. Grow it in an open space around the front door. 

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9. Orchid

Best Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures 5

According to ancient Japanese culture, Orchids are one of the most charming plants with relevance in bringing fortune to your home.

When grown near the front door, the flower surrounds your home with positive energy and brings luck and love to your life. 

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10. Peony

Best Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures 6

Peonies are named after the Greek physician of Gods, Paeon. They symbolize romance, happy marriage, love, and luck. Grow peonies at the entrance to bring prosperity and wealth. 

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11. Geranium

Geraniums usher abundance, fame, good luck, and wealth. Grow pink or red geraniums next to the front door to attract positivity and fortune.

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12. Boston Fern

Best Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures 7Usually, ferns are associated with many benefits, but you must grow Boston ferns outside the front door or hang them in baskets to bring prosperity, fortune, and good luck. 

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13. Umbrella Plant

The Schefflera can be a perfect option to grow inside or outside your front door. According to Feng Shui, it symbolizes wealth and positivity. 

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14. Jasmine

Best Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures 8

According to Kanso, Vastu, and Feng Shui, it can help you find your true love and attract wealth when you place it right outside the front door on either side. 

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15. Oak


In Greek culture, oak is considered the king of Gods–Zeus, and in Norse culture–it takes up an exalted stature as the God of Thunder, Thor.

Grow an oak tree in your front yard for its sacredness and attract positivity and strength. 

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16. Fig 

Best Plants for Front Door According to Various Cultures 9

A fig tree can be another good choice for your home’s entryway. Attract luck, affluence, and good work according to Feng Shui and Kanso with this plant.

There are many fig cultivars; some of them are even successful houseplants.

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17. Pothos


According to Feng Shui, Pothos is popular for its auspicious symbolism. Grow this air-purifying plant in the southeast corner of your front door to attract money and wealth.

It is also popular as a money plant in India, where people relate it to bringing good luck and fortune to the family.

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