30 Stunning Types of Chrysanthemum | Best Chrysanthemum Varieties

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Mums are the most beautiful flowers you can grow in your garden! Here are the best Types of Chrysanthemum with an amazing display of colors!

Look at the most amazing Types of Chrysanthemum that can add a colorful appeal to both gardens and pots!

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Most Beautiful Types of Chrysanthemum

1. Tiger Tail


This herbaceous perennial has an upright growth pattern and flowers in orange-yellow hue. It does well in full sun to partial shade.

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2. Anastasia Green

This quilled spider mum variety offers green 4-8 inches blooms. It has a vigorous and fast-growing habit.

3. Symphony

Types of Chrysanthemum 2

This beautiful spider mum variety has rusty orange-yellow petals that look like rays. The whole flower appears like a spider with many legs.

4. Golden Rain

This beautiful spider variety offers golden-yellow blooms. The frilly flowers of this plant take a deep hue in full sunlight.

5. Ja Dank

Types of Chrysanthemum 3

This serene white flower variety has a uniform height and is quite popular as a cut flower. For best growth, use a well-draining growing medium.

6. Regal Mist Purple


‘Regal Mist Purple’ features rich purple flowers that grow upto 3-5 inches wide. It is easy to grow and looks gorgeous in vases.

7. Allouise Pink

shutterstock/Utkarsh I. Thakre

This is an early blooming plant that flowers in a soft pink hue. For bigger blossoms, make sure it gets plenty of bright light.

8. Ruby Mound

‘Ruby Mound’ is an award-winning plant with large, semi-double, 3-4 inches wide ruby-red blooms from early to late fall.

9. Matchsticks

Types of Chrysanthemum 5

It blooms with golden-yellow petals with fiery red tips from early to mid-fall. The plant does well in full sun.

10. Overture


‘Overture’ exhibits daisy-like, rich russet red blossoms from late summer to late fall over contrasting green foliage.

11. Rhumba

Types of Chrysanthemum 6

It displays daisy-like flowers that can grow upto 2-3 inches wide. The blooms have a coral-red hue with a golden-yellow center.

12. Samba


Bring a dash of romance to your garden with its 2-3 inches wide, daisy-like flowers in rose gold hue with a yellow center.

13. Bolero

Types of Chrysanthemum 7

‘Bolero’ is a hardy garden mum offering plentiful large golden-yellow daisy-like blooms with long petals. Grow it in well-draining soil.

14. Harmony


This cheerful, hardy garden mum boasts bright yellow daisy-like blooms that fade to creamy yellow and pale pink. It flowers from late summer to late fall.

15. French Vanilla


‘French Vanilla’ shows off large ornamental blooms. The plant can grow upto 3-5 feet tall and flowers from early to late fall.

16. Hillside Pink Sheffield


Also popular as ‘Single Apricot’ and ‘Sheffield Pink,’ this fall-flowering garden mum grows in clumps of single daisy-like apricot pink blossoms with golden yellow centers.

17. Cheryl Pink

Types of Chrysanthemum 9

This hardy garden mum showcases plentiful sprays of lavender-pink double blooms with dark centers from fall. It is one of the most stunning types of Chrysanthemum to grow!

18. Clara Curtis

Popular for its early flowers, this hardy garden mum displays large, warm pink, daisy-like blooms with golden centers from late summer to mid-fall.

19. Grandchild

Types of Chrysanthemum 10

This award-winning cultivar offers double blooms in a lavender-pink hue from early to mid-fall and forms a dense, bushy mound.

20. Will’s Wonderful

This flamboyant variety offers flowers in strawberry pink hue with golden centers from mid to late fall.

21. Painted Daisy

Types of Chrysanthemum 11

This bushy and compact annual is famous for its single row of blossoms, having a dark red-brown to almost black central disk.

22. Jolly Cheryl

‘Jolly Cheryl’ produces warm red double blooms with dark centers. It flowers in mid to late fall and does best in full sun.

23. Barnardo’s Hope

Types of Chrysanthemum 12

This early variety blooms 5-8 inches wide flowers in a rich burgundy hue. For intense color, ensure it gets plenty of bright light.

24. Gompie Red

This early flowering plant blooms profusely in a coral-red hue. It stays small, growing upto 1-2 feet in height.

25. Yoko Ono

Types of Chrysanthemum 13

The plant offers globular flower heads in a bright light-green hue. For best color, grow it at a spot that gets bright light all day long.

26. Chiffon

The soft pink petals are as smooth as chiffon as the name sounds. This variety is also available in coral pink, ivory to deep salmon shades.

27. Daybreak

Types of Chrysanthemum 14

‘Daybreak’ appears like a sun rising from the skyline! It has a large prominent disk in the center, full of pink to orange-pink petals.

28. Fireglow Bronze

This freely branching mum shows golden yellow double blooms against deep green leaves. Grow it in well-draining soil for the best flowers.

29. Chesapeake

Types of Chrysanthemum 15

This elegant mum variety offers thin and long white petals in several rows. The 6-8 inches wide flowers appear in fall.

30. Starlet

‘Starlet’ flowers in many shades of yellow and light orange from late summer to fall. It loves sunlight, so keep it where it can bask in bright sunlight.

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