How to Grow Any Pothos Plant (It’s Fast and Easy)

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Learn How to Grow Any Pothos Plant with this easy method! It’s the fastest way for Propagating a Pothos Plant!

Do you have any idea how fast does pothos grow? This attribute makes it one of the easiest plants to grow from cuttings! Let’s have a look at how to propagate pothos in the quickest way possible!

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Best Pothos That You Can Grow This Way

Almost all types of pothos, but for a start, here are our 13 favorite ones that you can try following the steps shared below. If you want to know how to make pothos grow faster, then keep on reading!

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How to Grow Any Pothos Plant

If you have questions like – how to grow pothos in water or will pothos leaves grow back, then propagating the plant from the method mentioned below will answer them all!

1. Select the Healthiest Stem

  • For propagating a pothos plant, you need to select a healthy stem with nodes from an existing pothos plant.
  • Use a sterile scissor and make a cut between the nodes as shown in the image.

2. Your Cutting Should Have At least One Node & One Leaf

Take as many cuttings as you want – make sure it has at least one leaf and one node attached to it. Keep this in mind during golden pothos propagation.

3. Get a Decorative Jar & Fill it with Water

  • Want to know how to grow pothos in water? Well, for that, you need to fill the clean glass jar with non-chlorinated water.
  • Now, insert the cuttings in that jar and make sure at least one node is submerged in water, as you see in the picture.

4. Now Wait!

In just 30 days, you’ll see the plant develop roots. Meanwhile, keep it in a spot with indirect light and change the water every 3-5 days.

Follow this easy and fast approach for propagating a pothos plant for your indoor garden. You can use them as centerpieces both indoors and outdoors.

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Some Important Points to Consider

  • This method works best for golden pothos propagation or any other type of pothos variety.
  • The secret behind how to make pothos grow faster is to keep their pot or jar where they receive bright indirect sunlight. Make sure to protect the plant from the direct sun.
  • If you have a question – will pothos leaves grow back, then yes, they will after the cuttings establish themselves.
  • Change the water every week as it loses oxygen with time, and roots need it for growth.
  • You can continue to grow the cuttings in water; just avoid exposing them to cold drafts and low temperatures below 50 F (10 C).

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