Best Places in Home to Keep Lucky Bamboo

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Hunting for the Best Places in Home to Keep Lucky Bamboo to attract good feng shui energy? Read on to decide on the best spots.

Best Places in Home to Keep Lucky Bamboo 1
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Lucky bamboo attracts good health, wealth, and prosperity into your home and office space. If you want to invite this gorgeous specimen indoors, find out the Best Places in Home to Keep Lucky Bamboo discussed below!

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Best Places in Home to Keep Lucky Bamboo

1. Living Room Tables Impact Chi

‘Chi’ in Feng Shui stands for a life force that boosts the universal energy around you. Consider placing lucky bamboo on the East or Southeast corner of a living room. The element of wood is believed to feed the fire element ruling the Southern side.

Place the plant on a coffee table to stop the Chi energy from flowing free. A square or rectangle table is believed to become an obstacle and accumulates Chi. A coffee table is considered an ideal spot to lift the Chi energy.

Even a sofa table or an end table works as good alternate choices for placing your lucky bamboo.

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2. Dining Room Boosts Abundance

Best Places in Home to Keep Lucky Bamboo 2

You can also boost abundance by keeping your lucky bamboo as a centerpiece on the dining table. This allows the plant to attract positive energy at double capacity.

The dining room is believed to be the center place for family abundance. Placing a lucky bamboo plant in this room is an auspicious addition to that energy.

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3. Work Desk Brings Wealth

You can place your lucky bamboo in the home’s East or Southeast corner to ensure career or business growth. If you know your Kua number, you can keep the plant in one of the best directions to attract the Chi energy.

Also, the Southern portion of the desk works as it can boost your fame or luck in your career.

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4. Kitchen Symbolizes Happiness

If you have a kitchen positioned on the East or Southeast side of the home, it is great to place your lucky bamboo. Consider this corner even if the kitchen is not in the East or Southeast.

Determine the kitchen’s Southeast or East corners and place the plant to attract long life, happiness, health, and wealth.

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5. Bathroom Neutralizes Sha Chi

The wastewater from the bathroom is believed to generate negative Chi (Sha Chi) and the lucky bamboo plant, if kept in the bathroom, can neutralize the negativity.

The wood element is believed to have the potential to exhaust the wastewater. So, keeping it on a shelf or at the back of the toilet could neutralize the negative Chi.

You can even consider placing it in a clay container to add extra control over the wastage of water as the earth element will be more helpful in destroying the bad energy from wastewater.

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6. Near the Main Entrance

Best Places in Home to Keep Lucky Bamboo 4

Lucky bamboo is associated with the wood element, representing growth, family harmony, and new beginnings.

The main entrance to your home plays an important role because this is where the energy enters your life. You can place a lucky bamboo plant near the home entrance to attract positive energies in all life aspects.

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