How to Grow Different Pothos in One Pot | Best Pothos Combinations

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Learn How to Grow Different Pothos in One Pot for a contrasting display of its solid or variegated foliage! It’s simple and easy!

How to Grow Different Pothos in One Pot

Pothos is one of the most versatile specimens for both indoors and outdoors. You can also combine its different varieties for a spectacular display, also known as Frankenstein Pothos! Here’s How to Grow Different Pothos in One Pot!

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Can You Grow Different Pothos in One Container?

Well, the answer is yes! All the types of pothos have a similar growing requirement, making them perfect for mixing and matching with each other in the same pot!

Best Types of Pothos to Grow in One Pot

Though pothos come in many, many varieties, the best ones you can try making a combination of in the same pot are:

  • Snow Queen
  • Jade
  • Cebu Blue
  • N’Joy
  • Global Green
  • Hawaiian
  • Golden Pothos
  • Neon Pothos
  • Jessenia
  • Pearls & Jade
  • Marble Queen

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How to Grow Different Pothos in One Pot?

The procedure of growing two or more pothos in the same pot is also popular as Frankensteining pothos, and it is as simple as it sounds.

All you have to do is take 5 to 6 inches long cuttings just below a node from your favorite cultivars, then plant them in a pot. That’s it! You are done. Water well and keep the pot at a location where it gets plenty of bright but indirect light.

Make sure to place them together, right in the center of the container, as it will give enough space for the vines to dangle down from the corner of the pot once each grows.

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Things to Take Care of While Growing Different Pothos in One Pot


As all the varieties and types of pothos have more or less the same growing requirements, you can easily grow them in one pot. 

1. Size of the Pot

The only thing you need to take care of while growing two or more different pothos in the same pot is its size. Do not use a small container like a 3-4 inches wide one, as it will push the plants to fight for nutrients, and it will also make them crowded in no time.

So, what’s the solution for this? Simple — use a pot at least 8 inches big. This will provide ample space for the roots of both the plants to grow actively, which will keep them healthy and thriving.

2. Pruning and Maintenance

Pothos, being vining plants, can get quite bushy over time, and having various cultivars in the same pot can make them quite ‘busy’ in a pot. To ensure the size stays in check, prune the vines regularly. Also, snip away damaged or yellowing stems and leaves from time to time.

You might also have to re-pot them in a bigger pot as soon as the plant becomes root-bound.

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Best Combinations of Pothos to Grow in One Pot

1. Combination of Hawaiian, Satin, and Golden Pothos

How to Grow Different Pothos in One Pot 2

2. Manjula, Neon, and Golden Pothos Together


3. Neon, N’Joy, and Jade Pothos Together in a Pot

How to Grow Different Pothos in One Pot 3

4. Marble Queen and Jade Pothos in a Pot with Stakes


5. N’Joy, Neon, Marble Queen, and Golden Pothos in a Hanging Basket


Some other fantastic combinations you can try are:

  • For a contrasting look, grow Golden and Neon Pothos together.
  • Pair Jade and N’Joy pothos together for a bold and variegated look.
  • Marble Queen and Neon also make for an interesting pair.
  • Pair Cebu Blue with Hawaiian for a bold and beautiful look.

Pro Tip: You can mix and match any cultivar of your liking. If you want to experiment, you can also grow 3-4 different types in one pot!

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