Is Pineapple a Citrus Fruit or a Berry?

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Is Pineapple a Citrus Fruit or a Berry? Wondering about what this tropical fruit actually is? Clear all your doubts with this post!


One of the most popular tropical fruits, pineapple, belongs to the Bromeliads family and grows on a small, non-woody plant. It has an aromatic and juicy pulp inside and thorny tough skin outside that is crowned with thick leaves. If you are confused about whether Pineapple is a Citrus Fruit or a Berry, keep reading.

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Is Pineapple a Citrus Fruit?

When it comes to the difference or similarity in both fruits, it is important to note that Citrus fruit comes from the genus of the rue family, Rutaceae.

Whereas pineapple belongs to the Bromeliaceae family. This makes pineapple botanically very dissimilar from citrus fruit.

Unlike many citrus fruits like lemon, orange, and grapefruit, pineapple does not grow from seeds either but rather grows from slips, suckers, and pineapple tops, which is more explained here. It contains vitamin C and ascorbic acid but not citric acid. Hence, it is not a citrus fruit.

Is Pineapple a Berry?

According to the definition, a berry is a fruit produced from an ovary of a single flower, consisting of seed and pulp, but pineapple is not that.

As for the name, pineapple is neither a pine nor an apple!

It grows when many fruit-producing flowers fuse to form a single fruit. So, you can call it a bunch of berries grown together in a central stalk, and this makes pineapple a berry! More accurately, you can see it as multiple fruits grew together as one.

Nutritional Values of Pineapple

Is Pineapple a Citrus Fruit or a Berry 2

  • Pineapple has vitamin C, which boosts immunity.
  • The antioxidants present in it protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.
  • Like many fruits and vegetables, pineapple contains dietary fibers, which are an essential part of a balanced diet.
  • It has significant uses in folk medicine since forever.
  • Eating pineapple aids in weight loss. It also helps in improving digestion.
  • Eating pineapple makes teeth, hair, and skin healthy.

Culinary Perspective

Pineapple is a versatile collection of berries. It is fit for making many desserts like cake, sorbet, ice cream, cookies, and pie. Its juice can be used in marinating meat, which gives it a sweet and sour flavor. It makes spectacular cocktails, martinis, and even wines.

  • You can grill small pieces of pineapple that make for a great quick snack.
  • Pineapple is also the key ingredient in the famous Mexican dish Pineapple Pico de Gallo Salsa.
  • Pineapple Bun Burgers are another great way to relish them!
  • You can also enjoy them with chicken by making Baja Chicken Bowls.
  • Pulled Pork Tacos with Pineapple Slaw is another mouthwatering way to add pineapple to your platter!

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  1. Ascorbic acid is the chemical name for vitamin C so it’s redundant and grammatically incorrect to say “contains vitamin C and ascorbic acid…”


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