6 Quick Tips to Keep Geraniums Blooming

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Follow these easy and Quick Tips to Keep Geraniums Blooming all summer long and enjoy their magnificent flowers in all the glory!

Quick Tips to Keep Geraniums Blooming

Wondering what could be the secret methods to make Geraniums flower? Stop scratching your heads! We have some Quick Tips to Keep Geraniums Blooming for you!

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Quick Tips to Keep Blooming

1. Provide Full Sun

To promote flowering, provide geraniums plenty of sunlight—4 to 6 hours of full sun a day will do wonders! Give your potted plants south and west exposure for prolific blooms.

2. Deadheading

Quick Tips to Keep Geraniums Blooming 2

Deadheading is must to keep geraniums blooming all summer long. Remove the spent flowers, so the plant responds with more blossoms. Snip off dying blooms and stems to centralize the plant’s energy in producing new flowers.

3. Don’t Grow in Large Pots


While growing geraniums, make sure that you are not going for pots that are more than 7-8 inches wide. This size will hold sufficient soil and the plant will stay in good health, producing more blooms!

4. Remove Sick and Yellow leaves Regularly

Quick Tips to Keep Geraniums Blooming 3

Remove the dead and yellow foliage regularly so the plant not only looks neat and tidy but also diverts the needed energy into producing new flowers.

5. Apply High Potash Fertilizer

To keep geraniums flowering more, feed them with a 9-6-12 mix—the high potassium content provides an even supply of nutrients to every part of the plant that helps in photosynthesis. Do refer to the label for dosage and instructions.

Also, during the growing period, apply all-purpose liquid fertilizer diluted to a quarter of its strength every 4-5 weeks.

6. Water Only When the Soil is Dry

Quick Tips to Keep Geraniums Blooming 4

Do not keep the soil moist as geraniums suffer more due to overwatering than underwatering. Follow the key rule of watering when the topsoil feels a bit dry to touch. Also, make sure the container has drainage holes.

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  1. My geraniums were beautiful iin early June. All the flowers were big and there were lots of them. Now there are many fewer flowers and they are not big …many of the flower buds are not opening so everything looks scrappy. I am in France and think I might have been over-watering the plants?

  2. You have probably over watered them; possibly drowning/rotting the roots. It’s vital for all flowers to have good drainage; if you are not seeing water flowing out of the bottom of a pot or container after watering, punch out/drill more holes.

    Geraniums like to be watered when 1” of their topsoil dries out. Also be sure to use a quality planting mix with a slow release fertilizer specially formulated for flowering plants.

    If your plants are in a very bad state, remove the yellow leaves and cut it back by at least a third. This will encourage the plant to regenerate itself with fresh foliage/flowers.


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