18 Orchid Planter Ideas | Best Ideas to Display Orchids

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Check out some really cool Orchid Planter Ideas to showcase the beauty of the flower in different styles! These are really easy to copy!

Have a look at these stunning Orchid Planter Ideas that you can get inspired from to showcase the flowers in a stylish way!

Here’s all you need to know about blooming Orchids

Orchid Planter Ideas

1. Chalkboard Painted Orchid Pot

All you need are a terracotta pot and saucer, chalkboard paint, mini foam roller, paintbrush, and few other supplies for this one.

2. A Hanging Orchid

Check out this fun DIY to make a hanging orchid planter for the room.

3. Easy Orchid Planter

You’ll need a ceramic planter that’s high enough to conceal the orchid pots, four or five plants, and a small bag of orchid soil. Details are here.

4. Styling an Orchid in an Old Container


This DIY will guide you on how you can use an old container to re-style your orchid plants!

5. Apothecary Jar Orchid Planter

Get a little crafty and DIY yourself a beautiful planter for your favorite Orchid flowers! Details are here.

6. Beautiful Orchid Arrangement

Have a look at this beautiful orchid arrangement that you can make without spending too much time and money! Click here for details.

7. Upside Down Orchid Planters

All you need are some tin cans w/ plastic resealable lid, a wire hanger, fabric scraps, and few other supplies for this one.

8. A Potted Orchid Garden

A Decorative vessel, 1 or 2 orchids in 4-inch pots, and two assorted ferns in 4” pots are all you need for this DIY.

9. Self Watering Planter

Make an easy concrete DIY self-watering planter for orchids, with a self-wicking system. Details are here.

10. Shower Caddy Garden

Turn a bathroom into a tropical spa with a loofah, orchid, and wire shower caddy. Click here for details.

11. Vertical Orchid Planter

This wall planter has spots for up to 9 plants and uses modular face panels. Details are here.

12. A Beautiful Orchid Arrangement

This one is a stunning way to bring a bit of life and beauty to a room! Click here for all the details.

13. Orchid Flower Vase

Check out this amazing DIY to make a different yet attractive pot for your orchid! Details are here.

14. A Simple Orchid Planter

This simple orchid planter makes a beautiful and bold display for summer. Make your own by following easy steps here.

15. Multiple Orchids in Large Basket or Planter


If you want to fill your planter with purple orchids in the spring but pink orchids in the summer, then this DIY has got you covered!

16. Glass Pot for Orchid

Glass vessels with layers of sand, soil, and rocks are a pretty alternative to planting your indoor orchids. Details are here.

17. Hydroponic Pots for Orchids

Here’s a detailed DIY that will guide you into growing orchids in a hydroponic way!

18. Orchid Terrariums

Making orchid terrariums in glass jars is a lovely way to display these plants in an easy-to-move way! Click here for details.

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