35 Stylish Front Door Decor Ideas With Plants

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With these brilliant Front Door Decor Ideas, enhance the curb appeal of your home and introduce a sense of style to the entrance!

Exterior decoration can play a vital role in increasing the overall beauty of your house. With these easy Front Door Garden Decor Ideas, you can instantly add a lot of appeal to the way your sweet home looks from the outside!

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Front Door Decor Ideas

1. DIY Door Mat

Front Door Garden Decor Ideas 12

You’ll need a blank coir mat, paint, stencil, and old paintbrushes to make this Instagram-worthy front door mat!

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2. An Antique Front Door

Image Source: architectural digest

An antique front door can be the most stunning addition to your house!

3. DIY Wooden Doormat for a Colorful Welcome!

Welcome your guest to this showstopper doormat with different colors. Read the instructions here.

4. Topiary Decor

Front Door Garden Decor Ideas 6

Add a formal and elegant look to your front door with faux topiaries in large urns!

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5. Rustic and Garden-Style Door Decor

Front Door Garden Decor Ideas

Give your front door a Tudor-style makeover with ferns, vines, and a floral wreath. Details are here.

6. A Spooky Halloween Decor

Your kids are definitely going to love this idea, which you can copy from here.

7. Autumn Front Door Decor

Front Door Garden Decor Ideas 2

This decor will highlight the fall spirit with fall flowers, pumpkins, and a beautiful wreath made of fallen flowers!

8. Front Door with Hanging Baskets

Give your front door a minimalistic look by hanging planters with flowers of your choice! For details, click here.

9. Summer Ready Front Door Decor

Front Door Garden Decor Ideas 3

With Victorian-style yellow bricks, green plants, and flowers, you can transform the look of your door as shown in this image!

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10. Water Feature Decor

An evergreen tree by the front door with a water feature is an evergreen decor that’ll never go out of style!

11. Ferns and Bright Upholstery


How about putting a bright and colorful upholstery on the bench flanked by ferns on the front door?

12. A Sunny Front Door

Image Source: ETSY

You can either make this charming sunflower pineapple wreath using fake flowers or real for the front door decor.

13. DIY Summer Wreath

Make your home summer-ready with this DIY wreath tutorial here.

14. Outdoor Tall Planters

Flaunt your front door with tall planters. They can be like these farmhouse-style planters or modern, depending on the type of home you have. Check out more tall planter ideas here.

15. Create Great Container Plant Combinations

You can create gorgeous plant combinations and display them at the entrance, just like this one with hydrangeas, ornamental sweet potato vines, and ferns.

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16. A Romantic Front Door Decor

A wooden arch right at the front door with planters on each side, paired with a heart-shaped wreath, makes for romantic door decor!

17. Front Door with a ‘Fall’ Sign!

Front Door Garden Decor Ideas 8

Welcome the autumn season with style by decorating your front door with wooden letters and strips of fabric.

18. Plant Ladder by the Front Door

Have a unique flower arrangement display with fall colors of pumpkins, marigolds, and crotons right by the front door on a ladder!

19. Wooden Pumpkin Decor

Front Door Garden Decor Ideas 9

This rustic front door decor uses the arrangement of wooden pumpkins, coiled lanterns, and a raven statue.

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20. Autumn Decoration

The crisp fall weather is great for entertaining outdoors, and you can enhance it by having a fall decoration like this one on your front door.

21. Pumpkin-Packed Halloween Door Display

Front Door Garden Decor Ideas 10

This front door decor is fantastic to look at and easy to imitate.

22. Chalkboard Front Door Decor with Flowers

A friendly welcome sign and a couple of planters can revamp your entrance.

23. A Modern House Number Plate

Front Door Garden Decor Ideas 11

Add this bold and modern house number plate to the front door using plastic numbers, faux grass, glue, and exterior paint.

24. Cement Planters with an Iron Bench


These cement pots will make for a great addition to your front door along with an old styled iron bench.

25. Annual Flowers Front Door Decor

Front Door Garden Decor Ideas 13
Image Source: Houzz

Add a dash of color to your front door by growing annual flowers. You can also add a wreath to the door, as shown in the image, to add more appeal!

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26. Corten Steel Entrance

A corten steel door will enhance the curb appeal of your home, adding a bit of flair to it! For more ideas on Corten Steel Landscaping, check out our article here

27. Door Decor with Christmas Charm

If you love rustic Christmas decor, take inspiration from this picture.

28. Two-Tone Front Door

Image Source

Paint the front door of your house in attractive two-tone shades and match the look with cute planters!

29. Reclaimed Wood Welcome Sign

You can make a welcome sign out of reclaimed wood, and to make it more decorative, arrange some planters near it as well.

30. Low Maintenance High Style Entrance

Want to do something like that? Here’s a step-by-step tutorial.

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31. Tall Containers with Tropical Plants

Tall white planters like this are a great way to showcase tropical plants at the front door.

32. Plants with Large Wooden Door and a Lantern

Displaying multiple flower pots with large lanterns on the front door stairs is the best way to add a rustic charm!

33. Plants and Figurines

Plants, when paired with animals or other figurines, can lift the mood of the front door decor like no other.

34. Flower Pouch on the Front Door

You can instantly add a colorful charm to your front door by fixing a pouch and putting some colorful cut flowers in it.

35. Autumn Charm

Who says you need a special month for Halloween? You can do it any time of the year, and the decor will look simply spectacular.

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