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10 Japanese Garden Plants You Can Grow Indoors

Discover the best Japanese Garden Plants You Can Grow Indoors to enjoy a touch of tranquility and harmony in your home!

Do you want to create a serene and soothing atmosphere in your home? Consider adding these Japanese Garden Plants You Can Grow Indoors!

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What is a Japanese Garden?

A Japanese Garden symbolizes harmony by combining natural forces together. It is designed to incorporate harmony in a minimalistic scenery, following the traditional aesthetics of a Japanese culture.

The five elements of a Japanese garden include water—which stands for calmness and renewal; stones—the omnipresence of nature; lantern—the guiding light to clear the cloud of negativity; bridges—to linger around the beauty of nature; and plants—that depict the universal forms of life.

Japanese Garden Plants You Can Grow Indoors

1. HostaJapanese Garden Plants


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Botanical Name: Hosta

Hosta is a domestic plant found across Japan. This shade-tolerant plant prefers indirect bright light and good air circulation.

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2. Hydrangea



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Botanical Name: Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are quite a famous showy plant in Japan, mainly the macrophylla varieties that change color between pink and blue according to soil acidity.

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3. Lotus

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Botanical Name: Nelumbo nucifera

Lotus is very common in Japanese gardens. You can create a mini water garden indoors for growing dwarf cultivars like; ‘Crystal Beauty’ or ‘Baby Doll’ in small bowls.

4. Chrysanthemum


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Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum morifolium

Chrysanthemum first came to Japan through China during the fifth century and grew in entire Japan from Heian Period. They do best in bright and indirect light.

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5. Japanese Sweet Flag Grass

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Botanical Name: Acorus gramineus

This ornamental grass has a very sweet fragrance, which increases when crushed. You can grow it indoors in full sun to full shade, and keep the soil moist all the time.

6. Japanese Bird’s Nest Fern

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Botanical Name: Asplenium antiquum

This evergreen fern can grow up to 2-3 feet long with bright green, arching sword-like foliage with robust midrib and pointy ends. This species grows slowly.

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7. Japanese Aralia

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Botanical Name: Fatsia japonica ‘Spider’s Web’

This bushy, evergreen shrub is admired for broad, palmate, deep green, lush green leaves densely mottled in white—the variegation changes according to the season and age.

8. Japanese Ivy

Botanical Name: Parthenocissus tricuspidata

Native to Japan, this deciduous woody vine climbs on cliffs, walls, and trees, the heart-shaped leaves of the plant are patterned in white, which makes it quite stunning.

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9. Japanese Maple

Japanese Garden Plants 10


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Botanical Name: Acer palmatum

There are many varieties of Japanese maple that grow exceptionally well in containers. Cultivars like Murasaki Kiyohime, Mikawa Yatsubusa, and Viridis are best.

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10. Sago Palm



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Botanical Name: Cyclas revoluta

Native to Japan and South-East Asia, these hardy cycads have feathery fronds. You can grow it in pots using perlite, sand, or gravel that drains well.

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