46 Most Amazing DIY Front Door Planters for Home Entrance

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Here are the 46 Most Amazing DIY Front Door Planters for your home, you can copy one of these to transform the look of your entrance.

Explore this list of Front Door Planters that you can take inspiration from to make your home exterior stand out and boost curb appeal!

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Front Door Planters

1. Candelabra Flower Pot

Front Door Planters 18

You can also make a similar one for yourself by taking help from here.

2. Hanging Plant Chandelier

Watch this video to make one for your home entrance!

3. Succulents on the Front Door

Front Door Planters 21

Display succulents on the front door by growing them in large bowls. Details are here.

4. Criss Cross Outdoor Planters

Take help of this DIY to make them easily by yourself!

5. Vertical Planter in the Beginning

Front Door Planters 22

This will add an instant appeal to the front porch or garden. Details are here.

6. Nice Drawer Planter

Use the old drawers at your home and use them as front door planters. Click here for details.

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7. Two-Tiered Vertical Planter

Front Door Planters 33

Here are all the details on how you can make a similar one for yourself.

Have a look at some fun Vertical Planters here

8. Letter Planter

This is surely going to be the star of the front entrance of your house!

Here are some awesome Letter Planters you can copy!

9. Pallet Bench Planter

Front Door Planters 36

Check out this DIY and make a planter bench for your front door with ease.

10. Old Milk Can Makeover

Paint a milk can in a shade of black and display flowers in it. Details are here.

11. Trellis Planter Box

Front Door Planters 41

Here are all the details on how you can make one for your patio.

12. Front Porch Planter With Gold Dipped Legs

Here’s a great DIY that will guide you into making this one with ease.

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13. Cheerful Rain Gutter Planters

Front Door Planters 88

These super cute Hanging Rain Gutter Planters cost under $20 to make! Details are here.

14. Pallet Planter Boxes

Here’s a fun DIY that will guide you into making these for your home.

Learn how to make a pallet planter here

15. Tall Porch Planter Boxes

Front Door Planters 99

These planters look good and are also easy on the pocket! Details are here.

16. Scrap Wood Outdoor Planter

The great thing about the planter is that it doesn’t really take that many scraps! Details are here.

17. Tall Flower Planters

Front Door Planters 56

Watch this video to make these tall flower planters for the front door.

18. Hanging Metal Planters

Learn how to paint metal planters to decorate your patio in this detailed DIY.

19. Pallet Trough Planter

If you have a small patio, then this is the best planter to go! Details are here.

20. Plants in Old Tin Containers


Two old containers on the front door like this will surely look appealing!

21. Bicycle Planter

Front Door Planters 2

Paint an old bicycle in a shade of pink or whatever color you like and use it as a planter holder for the front door.

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22. Ferns in a Large Wooden Planter

Shutterstock/Kanel Bulle

Display ferns in a large wooden planter along with another potted plant.

23. A Green Wall

Front Door Planters 4

Welcome your guests with style by making a green wall at the entrance.

24. Hanging Baskets of Flowers


Simple hanging baskets like these will surely add colors and drama to the front door.

25. Plants on Window Boxes

Front Door Planters 6
shutterstock/Renata Ty

If you have large windows by the front door, then grow different plants in the window boxes.

Check out some fantastic Window Boxes ideas here

26. Potted Snake Plant


Keep it simple with a pot of snake plant on the front door.

27. WOW! Tall & Narrow Planters

Front Door Planters 7

The two tall planters will match perfectly with the snake plants.

28. Designer Planters


Use designer planters on the front porch to make your plants and pots stand out!

29. A Holiday Decoration

Front Door Planters 9

Add a touch of holiday decor at the front door to make it look more appealing.

30. Pots By the Staircase


Line up potted plants on the sides of a staircase for a welcoming contemporary look.

31. Bright Door and Plant Arrangement

Front Door Planters 10

A contrasting front door with interesting plant arrangements would look excellent on your entrance as well.

32. Snake Plants Galore!


A front entrance with snake plants is the best way to add drama to the space.

33. Plants in Baskets

Front Door Planters 11

Use baskets to display plants on the front door for a country-style decor!

34. A Green Pergola


Add plants to the pergola and make it stand out with the greenery.

35. Classic Urn Planters by the Front Stairs

Front Door Planters 12

Having a pair of urn planters on your front is a great idea.

36. Tall Black Planters


Go minimalistic with two tall black planters on the front door. You can also add faux plants to them.

Have a look at some awesome tall planter ideas here

37. Macrame Planters on Front Garden

Front Door Planters 13

Here’s a good way to match hanging pots with the garden plants.

Check out more Macrame Planter ideas here

38. Potted Grass


A light-hued potted grass on a dark house will stand out for sure!

39. Flowering Plants in Watering Cans

Front Door Planters 14

Display seasonal or perennial flowers in watering cans on the stairs that lead to your entrance.

40. Snake Plants in Black Pots


Match your dark entrance color with snake plants in black pots.

41. Flowers in Tiered Pots

Front Door Planters 15

Arrange tiered pots in style to display flowers at the entrance.

42. A Flowerful Arrangement

A flower-full arrangement like this will go with the designer theme all year round!

43. Pots on Wire Fence

Front Door Planters 16

Make a wire fence arrangement on the entrance to hang pots of different plants. You can get the DIY tutorial here.

44. A Tall Planter

Learn how to plant flowers in a pot in just three simple steps for a perfectly proportioned garden vase that will be a beautiful focal point for your front porch. Click here for the steps.

45. Porch Planter Boxes

Front Door Planters 17

Here are some awesome porch planter boxes that you can use.

46. A Green House Number Plate with a Potted Plant

Fix a green number plate and match it up with a potted plant as instructed in the tutorial here.

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