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24 Fanciest Types of Geraniums | Variegated Geranium Varieties

Apart from pretty blossoms, pelargoniums can also be grown for their beautiful foliage. Check out the Fanciest Types of Geraniums here!

If you want a plant that offers the best of both worlds—flowers, and foliage, then we have the Fanciest Types of Geraniums on this list for you!

Here are the best tips to help Geraniums bloom!

Fanciest Types of Geraniums

1. Fancy Leaf Geranium

Fancy Leaf Geranium Varieties

Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Distinction’

This pretty compact tender perennial is admired for evergreen ruffled leaves embellished with a clear narrow ring of jet black near the margins.

2. Scented Geranium


Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Lady Plymouth’

This beautiful perennial offers strongly fragrant gray-green foliage variegated with a cream-white hue.

3. Zonal Geranium

Fancy Leaf Geranium Varieties 2

Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Mrs. Pollock’

Popular for its brilliant tri-color leaves, the plant has large leaves patterned with green center, golden edges, and terrific deep maroon splashes.

4. Princess Alexandra Geranium


Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Princess Alexandra’

The round foliage with white serrated edges and green center has upward-facing margins in a cup-form.

5. Catalina Geranium

Fancy Leaf Geranium Varieties 3

Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Catalina’

The variegated burgundy-green leaves with wavy white edges look beautiful with crimson-red blooms.

6. Annsbrook Faith Geranium


Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Annsbrook Faith’

‘Annsbrook Faith’ displays beautiful serrated leaves with a white-cream border and green center with light pink variegation.

7. Cherry Cocktail Geranium

Fancy Leaf Geranium Varieties 4

Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Cherry Cocktail’

The round leaves of this variety have white wavy borders, light pink rings, and green patterns, making it very interesting to look at.

8. Cherry Sundae Geranium


Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Cherry Sundae’

This variety features beautiful toothed heart-shaped leaves with white margins. The plant looks more beautiful when it grows red flowers.

9. Courtney Watson Geranium

Fancy Leaf Geranium Varieties 5

Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Courtney Watson’

The ruffled leaves have broad white margins and a green center with burgundy-cream borders. It stays compact and does best in full sun.

 10. Flower of Spring Geranium


Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Flower of Spring’

The heart-shaped, slightly cupped leaves have white edges and a green center that contrasts beautifully with red blossoms.

11. Freak of Nature Geranium


Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Freak of Nature’

This ornamental variety has pure white markings with green margins. These patterns make the plant stand out beautifully.

12. Crystal Palace Gem Geranium


Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Crystal Palace Gem’

The round parrot green leaves show off mid-green center and red salmon blossoms from spring to frost.

13. Indian Dunes Geranium

Fancy Leaf Geranium Varieties 7

Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Indian Dunes’

‘Indian Dunes’ forms mounds of large serrated chartreuse foliage with bronze color splattered at the center.

14. Jungle Leaf Geranium


Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Jungle Leaf’

‘Jungle Leaf’ offers large round leaves with a chartreuse center, russet zone, and deep green ruffled margins.

15. Mr. Henry Cox Geranium

Fancy Leaf Geranium Varieties 8

Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Mr. Henry Cox’

‘Mr. Henry Cox’ has tri-color foliage in salmon green, and bronze leaves with creamy yellow scalloped edges.

16. Maureen Geranium


Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Maureen’

This attractive cultivar has bright green scalloped leaves with burgundy-red edges and deep veins. It grows light pink flowers.

17. Red Heart Geranium

Fancy Leaf Geranium Varieties 9

Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Red Heart’

The round serrated leaves have a red center and wide green margins. The foliage looks super cool with the deep red flowers.

18. Bette Shellard Geranium


Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Bette Shellard’

It displays tricolor leaves in cream, green, pink hues, and scalloped edges. For best colors, keep it at a spot that gets sunlight for 3-4 hours.

19. Miss Farren Geranium

Fancy Leaf Geranium Varieties 10

Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Miss Farren’

‘Miss Farren’ offers round leaves with toothed creamy-white edges that match perfectly with the dark green center.

20. Mrs. J.C. Mappin Geranium


Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Mrs. J.C. Mappin’

The heart-shaped scalloped foliage has white edges and a green center. Flowers in matt white color add more beauty to its appearance.

 21. Occold Shield Geranium


Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Occold Shield’

‘Occold Shield’ features heart-shaped leaves with wide green margins and a burgundy-red center. It stays compact and can also be an excellent tabletop plant!

22. Alpha Geranium


Botanical Name: Pelargonium x hortorum ‘Alpha’

This compact variety offers golden-green serrated leaves with a purple-maroon center. It looks lovely with red-pink flowers.

23. Variegated Madame Salleron


Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Madame Salleron’

The attractive green and white variegation on the leaves make this plant create a bold impression. Make sure it gets full sunlight for a better show.

24. Fancy Leaf Vancouver


Botanical Name: Pelargonium ‘Vancouver Centennial’

The plant has ‘fancy’ to its name for a reason! The light green border on the individual leaves makes it truly beautiful.

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