How to Grow a Jade Plant in Water

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Are you looking for a mess-free way to cultivate Crassula ovata? Read on to learn How to Grow a Jade Plant in Water in a few simple steps!


Crassula ovata stands as an excellent houseplant for its glossy foliage and air-purifying abilities. If you wish to bring home this lucky charm without the fuss of soil, Learn How to Grow a Jade Plant in Water!

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Growing a Jade Plant in Water

The trick to successfully propagate a Jade plant in water is to change the water once or twice a week, once it turns grubby.

Adequate roots emerge in 4-5 weeks, which eventually reduces the risk of root rot. You can then keep your plant at the desired location where it gets bright and indirect light all day.

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How to Grow a Jade Plant in Water?


Jade plants are best propagated in the Spring and Summer months when the plant grows enormously. 

  • Cut a 4-6 inches stem from a manured and healthy Jade plant, using sharp, sanitized shear, keeping the top leaf pair intact.
  • Let the cutting dry out in a clean place to form callus, reducing the chances of root rot.
  • Once the cut end is calloused, submerge it in a clear 3-4 inches jar containing clean, filtered water.
  • Use toothpicks to keep the cutting in place, ensuring the leaves do not get wet.
  • Place the plant at a location with bright filtered sunlight.
  • Change the water twice a week unless new roots start emerging from the stem.
  • Enough roots will peek out from the stem within 4-5 weeks, after which you can transplant it to soil or a bigger vessel in the water.
  • You can also grow Portulacaria afra (Dwarf Jade or Baby Jade Plant) like this.

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Requirements for Growing a Jade Plant in Water



Jade plants thrive in bright indirect sunlight. Provide your plant 3-4 hours of filtered light daily. A south-facing or west-facing window is an excellent spot for young plants to grow. 


Keeping an eye on the water quality is crucial while growing a Jade plant in water. It is best to use rain or RO filtered water. If you are using tap water, let it sit overnight in a bucket.


Water-grown Jade plants thrive best at a temperature range of 65-80 F or 18-27 C during the day. However, the plant feels comfortable at a slightly cooler temperature of 55 F or 13 C at night.

Do not expose the plant to temperatures below 40 F or 5 C for a longer duration of time.


Jade plants are not heavy feeders. Fertilize the plant with well-balanced liquid fertilizer⁠—use a drop of it in the water while you change it, once in 3-4 cycles.

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Most Important Tips to Grow Jade Plant in Water

  • It is important that you let the cutting callous properly as it will save the plant from rothe chances of which is always high while growing plants in water. It will also encourage rooting.
  • Always take a cutting from a healthy plant. Diseased or limp cuttings won’t propagate, and even if they’ll, the resulting plant will die soon.

Quick Takeaways

  • Change the water once in 3-5 days to reduce the chances of pest infestation.
  • Clean the jar thoroughly in running water while changing the medium to wash off the built-up fungi and bacteria.
  • Keep the plant away from heat drafts and AC vents.
  • Always use non-chlorinated water.
  • You may place 1-2 small pieces of activated charcoal in the jar to keep the water clean longer than usual. 

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Where to Keep a Water Grown Jade Plant?


This ornamental succulent looks stunning in narrow glass vases or jars on center tables as the plant is also popular to bring good luck. Also, it can be displayed elegantly on dining tables, work desks, and other countertops.

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    • I actually couldn’t root a cutting in soil. I propagated in water from a Pothos cutting. So glad you have had success.


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