7 Different Types of Ficus Lyrata | Best Fiddle Leaf Fig Varieties

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Do not worry if you cannot recognize the Different Types of Ficus Lyrata! We have compiled a list of the Best Fiddle Leaf Fig Varieties.

 Different Types of Ficus Lyrata

Do you know about the Different Types of Ficus Lyrata? If not, then don’t worry. We have handpicked the Best Fiddle Leaf Fig Varieties that will look smashing with your home decor!

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Ficus Lyrata

The Fiddle Leaf Fig or Ficus Lyrata is one of the trendiest indoor trees with very large, heavily veined, and shiny foliage. It is native to the tropical regions of Africa and can grow well in warm and wet conditions. This plant is ideal for any space where it can also easily thrive in a container, making it an ideal houseplant.

This genus includes more than 850 species of vines, shrubs, and trees. It usually hails from tropical regions around the world, and most of these plants can be grown as outdoor and indoor ornamental trees or fruit-bearing trees. 

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Best Fiddle Leaf Fig Varieties

1. Common Fiddle Leaf Fig 

The already famous fiddle leaf fig needs no introduction! It is one of the most robust and stunning plants you can grow in rooms. It can achieve an impressive height of 5-8 feet.

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2. Bambino or Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig

 Different Types of Ficus Lyrata 2

If you are looking for a fiddle leaf fig for tabletops, then this is it! It stays compact, growing up to 2-4 feet tall. Make sure it gets plenty of bright and indirect light all day long. 

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3. Ficus Audrey


The leaves of Ficus Audrey are more rounded and thicker and have a unique fuzzy texture. If there is enough bright light, it can grow well indoors. 

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4. Variegated Fiddle Leaf Fig

 Different Types of Ficus Lyrata 3

This beautiful variety looks quite stunning with foliage having a shade of fascinating green in the middle with swathes of silver, cream, and white around the outside. 

5. Compacta Fiddle Leaf Fig


This cultivar looks more like the traditional Fiddle Leaf Fig plant and has a natural habit of growing dense foliage. It can attain a height of 3-5 feet.

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6. Narrow Leaf Fig

 Different Types of Ficus Lyrata 4

It has derived its name from lance-shaped, long leaves that gracefully point downwards. The tree’s new leaves have a red or pink hue and then take a green color as they mature.

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7. Council Tree Fig


Ficus Altissima is also known as Lofty Fig. This variety has lighter green, pointy leaves, and more prominent veins. Most types also feature a light lemon-lime variegation. 

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