9 Important Basil Harvesting Tricks No One Ever Told You

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Are you a big fan of growing herbs? Do you want to learn some amazing Basil Harvesting Tricks No One Ever Told You? Read ahead!

While growing herbs, especially basil, it is important that you snip away their leaves in the right manner to ensure they stay healthy and grow better. Want help? Here are some really helpful Basil Harvesting Tricks No One Ever Told You!

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Basil Harvesting Tricks No One Ever Told You

1. Pinch its Flowers

Basil Harvesting Tricks No One Ever Told You

Before you move ahead and harvest the leaves, it is important to stop the plant from growing flowers, as it will then divert its energy into making more blooms.

Pinch the flower buds as you see them—it will promote the plant to produce more leaves.

2. Pinch the Tips


While harvesting the herb, do not forget to pinch the tips of its stems. This will encourage the plant to create two new branches, which ultimately grow new sets of leaves.

All this will make the plant grow fuller and bushier, which means more leaves!

3. Do Not Harvest More than 30% of the Plant

Basil Harvesting Tricks No One Ever Told You 2

Do not harvest the entire plant as you will end up killing it. It is better that you take away 20-30% of the total leaves at a time. If you have more consumption, it is better to grow 3-4 plants for more harvest!

4. Always Use Scissors

People have a habit to pull the leaves off the plant, which damages the stems. It is always better to use scissors to make a clean cut. This will help you to keep the plant safe and you won’t damage the delicate stems, too.

5. Do Not Harvest the Lower Big Leaves

Basil Harvesting Tricks No One Ever Told You 6

While harvesting the plant, leave the big leaves at the bottom intact as they help the plant to absorb more sunlight. They are also responsible for the plant’s nutrient supply.

Always harvest the top leaves and leave the bottom ones, as snipping them will hurt and stunt the plant’s growth.

6. Do Not Harvest a Young Plant


It is always a good idea to let the plant grow up to 6-8 inches tall and at least 4-5 inches wide before you start to harvest. Harvesting a young plant may kill it.

7. Do not Harvest Too Often

Basil Harvesting Tricks No One Ever Told You 10

It is best to only harvest in smaller quantities from each basil plant at a regular interval of 2-4 weeks. This will give the plant enough time to regain strength.

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8. Always Cut Stems to the Last Set of Leaves


If you are cutting the stem of the basil plant, then make sure you snip off just above the last set of leaves. It will force the plant to keep branching out, making it grow more leaves and turn bushy.

9. Avoid Harvesting it in Cold Weather

Basil Harvesting Tricks No One Ever Told You 12

If you are growing the plant outdoors, then avoid harvesting it in the cold season, as it will expose the freshly cut stems to harsh weather, which will damage the growth and plant, both.

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