12 Famous Lucky Bamboo Styles & Varieties You Should Know

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Invite prosperity, happiness, growth, good luck, and wealth with these Famous Lucky Bamboo Styles & Varieties. They are also easy to grow!

Lucky bamboo is immensely popular for its rich cultural significance and low-maintenance nature. According to Feng Shui, it invites luck and happiness to the owner. If you too want to add to your houseplant collection, try these Famous Lucky Bamboo Styles & Varieties.

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Famous Lucky Bamboo Styles & Varieties

1. White Stripe Victory




This variegated variety features adorable light green leaves with white stripes. It thrives happily in shaded locations without any special attention.

2. White Stripe Gold


This spectacular variety resembles White Stripe Victory in appereance. The only difference is it showcases leaves with a yellow border. You can grow it easily in water and soil alike.

3. Green

Famous Lucky Bamboo Styles & Varieties 2

This is the most popular lucky bamboo with a single or multiple stalks, which represents truth in Feng Shui. It is easy to grow and looks minimalistic in glass jars filled with white pebbles.

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Lucky Bamboo Plants Styles

1. Straight Lucky Bamboo

Straight bamboos are small and have a single stalk with multiple leaves. The stem is medium to tall with an erect growing pattern.

2. 2 Layer Lucky Bamboo

Famous Lucky Bamboo Styles & Varieties 3

A species of Dracaena sanderiana, 2 Layer Lucky Bamboo makes for a perfect gift. It brings love and a happy life to the bearer with minimal care needs.

3. 3 Layer Lucky Bamboo

Dracaena braunii is famous for its low-maintenance nature. It is also said to bring luck to the bearer. The plant looks stunning in a glass bowl filled with white pebbles.

4. 8 Layer Lucky Bamboo

Famous Lucky Bamboo Styles & Varieties 4

The 8-layer Lucky Bamboo looks remarkable with stems tightly clumped together. It makes for a great looking centerpiece.

5. Lotus Lucky Bamboo

It has a single stalk with leaves at the end and represents purity in Feng Shui. The plant looks great in tall vases.

6. Spiral Lucky Bamboo

Famous Lucky Bamboo Styles & Varieties 5

As the name suggests, this plant has a spiral growing pattern, which makes it quite unique to look at. It is a great option for gifting purposes.

7. Feng Shui Wheel

The stems on this one are tightly packed together, which gives it an interesting look. They grow in a spiral cylindrical pattern.

8. Pyramid Big 5

Famous Lucky Bamboo Styles & Varieties 6

Pyramid big five is made of five stems in a slanting growing pattern which gives the plant a look of a pyramid.

9. Pyramid Big 8

Just like the big 5, the plant has 8 stems. This bamboo looks really nice when grown in shiny bowls or pots and is great for coffee tables!

10. Braided Lucky Bamboo

Famous Lucky Bamboo Styles & Varieties 8

In braided lucky bamboos, 5-6 stems are braided together to form a single stem, which looks spectacular with leaves on top.

11. Trellis Lucky Bamboo

Multiple single stalk lucky bamboos are woven together to form an interesting shape. The trellis can be 4,5,8 or 10 in number.

12. Heart-Shaped Lucky Bamboo

Famous Lucky Bamboo Styles & Varieties 10

As the name suggests, the stems look like the shape of a heart and the plant can be trained to form a big or small shape. Great for gifting purposes.

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