15 Rules for Decorating with Houseplants

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Do you know that there are certain Rules for Decorating with Houseplants? Here’s a detailed post to guide you!

Adding greenery to your living space can liven it up, provide oxygen, and eliminate harmful gases. If you are a beginner gardener, here are the Rules for Decorating with Houseplants you must follow!

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Types of Plants You Can Use as Houseplants

Before we begin to understand the Rules for Decorating with Houseplants, it is vital to know the types of plants you can use as houseplants. There are several varieties of sizes, shapes, textures, and shades to explore when decorating homes with plants. 

1. Tall Plants

Types of Plants You Can Use as Houseplants

Go for at least one tall houseplant to create a statement in your room. You can opt for a rubber plant, indoor palms, or the classic fiddle leaf fig–what you choose, the options are endless!

The reason why you must go for these varieties is to add a focal point to the room.

Here are the most popular tall indoor plants you can grow

2. Hanging Plants

best Types of Plants You Can Use as Houseplants
Brie (Passano)

If you want to decorate your home with trailing plants, consider philodendrons, ferns, or pothos. They look amazing in hanging baskets.

The reason you should include hanging plants is the fact that this way, you could save plenty of floor space while adding a touch of greenery indoors with a spectacular display of dangling stems and foliage visible at your eye level.

Here are the best low-light hanging houseplants for your home

3. Low-Light Plants

Rules for Decorating with Houseplants

Some plants need limited light and can also grow well in locations without much sun, such as Peace Lilies, Snake Plants, and Spider Plants.

The reason why they are great options for living and bedrooms is that these plants will be more than happy to dwell in the shade for the most part of the day. 

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4. Air-Purifying Plants

amazing Types of Plants You Can Use as Houseplants

Some common examples of air-purifying plants best for your home include Ferns, Chinese Evergreens, Spider plant, and Pothos.

Why you must include them? Simply for the fact that they ensure indoor air remains free of harmful VOCs and other elements that may have long-term ill effects on your health.

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5. Succulents

Rules for Decorating with Houseplants 3
mary baldwin

Succulents are easy to look after and are forgiving in maintenance, which is the number one reason why you must include them indoors.

Go for Zebra Haworthia, Lace Aloe, and Echeveria if you want a beautiful plant with minimal needs. 

Here are the Best Indoor Succulents You Can Grow

Best Plant Varieties for Beginners

For beginner gardeners, start with plants that are not so challenging to take care of. Here are some of the best plants you can try out:

  1. Lucky Bamboo
  2. Pothos
  3. Cacti
  4. Succulents
  5. Dracaena
  6. Snake Plant
  7. Air Plants
  8. Spider Plant

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Rules for Decorating with Houseplants

1. Get Plants Off the Floor

Rules for Decorating with Houseplants

Keeping plants off the floor will not only make them look better but will also make it easy for you to maintain them as you will not have to bend to water. It will also make them appear tall.

  • Use a macrame plant hanger to hang plants from the ceiling. It is perfect for homes with children and pets. 
  • Use an old bar cart or a table to create an indoor garden area. 
  • Place tiny plants like succulents and cacti on floating shelves. 
  • Buy a plant stand to display them together. 
  • Place a plant on top of some books. 

Here are the best houseplants for hanging baskets

2. Scale is Important

Scale is Important Rules for Decorating with Houseplants

Scale is how any object’s size can be related to the size of other things around it and the size of the room. Why is scale necessary when decorating with houseplants? It is because you want your indoor space to look proportionate and not unbalanced. 

For instance, placing a huge planter in a small powder room can make you feel more claustrophobic than pleasant. Similarly, a small, single plant can look lonely on a large shelf. 

Here are some artistic home decor ideas with plants

3. Give More Thought to the Dull Corners

Give More Thought to the Dull Corners

Do you have any empty home places that need your attention while decorating with houseplants? Choose a plant and a container that perfectly suits the corner and keep it there. 

Alternatively, consider placing a group of container plants to fill a dull space. 

Here are some tall houseplants for homes

4. Play with Colors

 Play with Colors Rules for Decorating with Houseplants

Play mix and match with the planters’ colors, and do not go overboard. However, color coordination means you must choose shades that complement each other and do not look boring. 

For instance, browns and grays do not complement each other, while orange, yellow, and blue look gorgeous. 

Here are a couple of ideas to color-coordinate your pots:

  • Play neutral with pots that have interesting textures or patterns. 
  • Select a few containers in the same shade but in different sizes or shapes. 
  • Buy the same pots in a variety of complementary colors. 
  • Always add indoor flowers and variegated plants to bring in a dash of vivid appeal.
  • Do not go overboard and use a maximum of 3-4 color combinations.

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5. Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

It is essential to consider the plants’ sunlight needs before placing them. With the right amount of sunlight, the plants may survive. 

Ensure the plants get dappled light all day long. For specimens that need more sun, keep them near a bright window.

Here are the best sun-loving houseplants 

6. Bring in Bonsai and Terrariums to Steal the Show

Rules for Decorating with Houseplants Bring in Bonsai and Terrariums to Steal the Show

Besides using quirky containers, you can count on this rule to up the decorating with the houseplants game. Bring Bonsai and beautiful terrariums to transform any space that will make your guests gaga over it.

The miniature forms are trendy and make for popular indoor plants. Terrariums are also high on show and can decorate any space in your home. Kokedama balls are also a great option. 

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7. Consider Your Climate

Consider Your Climate

Another important Rule for Decorating with Houseplants is to consider the climatic needs of each plant you plan to decorate. You will first have to research every plant you bring home, no matter how exotic or simple it may look. 

Usually, many plants can adapt to indoor conditions, but it is better to find out prior than later. 

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8. Mix Various Heights & Shapes

 Mix Various Heights & Shapes

Plants come in different shapes and sizes, and you can choose to decorate with the same plant or different ones with similar shapes and sizes.

However, mixing and matching different heights and shapes is fun to give your home an exciting touch. Play with varieties of textures and colors, too. 

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9. Go Vertical

Go Vertical rule for house plant

Even the smallest of rooms can have some space for plants. Utilize a narrow strip of open wall space to install hooks vertically and hang small plant pots. Going vertical can be the perfect choice for any home with limited space. 

See some houseplant vertical garden pictures here

10. Combining Plants with Other Items

Rules for Decorating with Combining Plants with Other Items10
the sill

The best part is that plants can look gorgeous sitting next to almost anything. If you already have a showy shelf, you can place a green, common houseplant to add to its charm.

Plants look good when teamed with a stack of books, hanging photo or picture frames, different figurines, or anything you can come up with. 

Try pairing plants with a wood tabletop, mail holder box, wooden signboards, abstract sculptures, geometric centerpieces and sculptures, utensils, furniture, mirrors, and more. 

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11. Don’t Forget to Deck the Bathroom!

Don't Forget to Deck the Bathroom!

Any tropical plant you select loves humidity and is best in kitchens and bathrooms. Place Philodendrons, Begonias, and Peace Lilies in the bathroom and let them thrive in high humidity.

However, check their sunlight needs before placing them in certain corners of your bathroom. 

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12. Have Fun With Vines

Rules for Decorating with Houseplants Have Fun With Vines

Who says decorating your house with houseplants involves containers, shelves, and tabletops? Have some fun with your trailing plants and creeping climbers.

You can train these vines to wrap around a mirror to add pep to the space and keep the dangling leaves off the floor. You can also train them around doors or windows. You have the option to make a plant curtain

Here are some easy DIY plant trellises for pots

13. Be Adventurous

Be Adventurous

If you love to take some risks or have an adventurous spirit, try something unusual. You can grow uncommon, carnivorous, or air plants.

Make a hanging display using air plants, or place carnivorous plants on tabletops. 

Here are the best indoor carnivorous plants for beginners

14. Place Edible Plants in Kitchen

Rules for Decorating with Houseplants Place Edible Plants in Kitchen

This Rule for Decorating with Houseplants is merely for your comfort and ease. It is ideal for growing all your veggies and herbs in the kitchen.

You can have a steady supply of these at an arm’s distance while cooking. 

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15. Go Faux

Go Faux

If you love a particular variety of plants, but it does not survive in your climate, you can incorporate a few faux plants. Even when growing ferns, there is nothing wrong with placing a few faux ferns to add lushness and not having to care for them.

This is a pro-tip and one of the best Rules for Decorating with Houseplants

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