24 Easy DIY Plant Trellises for Pots

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Discover some fantastic DIY Plant Trellises for Pots and grow your favorite vining specimens in a limited space!

Do you love the trailing varieties but cannot grow them due to lack of space? Try out these DIY Plant Trellis for Pots and display them in style!

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DIY Plant Trellises for Pots

1. Branch and Twig Trellis

DIY Plant Trellises for Pots

Arrange some twigs and branches from the garden and craft this functional trellis for pots. It will also add a rustic touch to the overall look. Learn the steps here.

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2. Hoop Trellis for Indoor Plants

Hoop trellises add a fancy touch to the indoors. Pair it with a variegated specimen for an added charm. Details are here.

4. Tomato Cage Trellis for Flower Pots

DIY Plant Trellises for Pots 2

A tomato cage trellis makes for a handy trellis option. Tuck it in the pot and let your houseplants trail in style. Learn more here.

5. Support for Vining Specimens

A DIY support like this will help your vining houseplants thrive in a limited space. Make one for yourself, taking inspiration from here.

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6. Metal Ring Trellis for Showy Planters

DIY Plant Trellises for Pots 3

A showy planter calls for a fancy plant stake, and what can be better than getting a ring trellis for this purpose! Make one for yourself like this.

7. Bamboo Stakes Rhaphidophora Support

Make a bamboo trellis for your gorgeous Rhaphidophora and display it on the tabletop. The lush foliage will trail beautifully around the tall stake and look stunning.

8. DIY Bamboo Stakes

DIY Plant Trellises for Pots 4

All you need are five bamboo poles for each pot, and you are done! Tie the other end with galvanized wire and train the vines around them. Learn more here.

9. Salvaged Branch Trellis for Pots

Get a large branch from the garden and turn it into climbing support for your potted plant. It will also camouflage with the plant, adding a bushy appearance. Learn more here.

10. Coat Rack Turned into a Garden Trellis

DIY Plant Trellises for Pots 5

A coat rack can easily be turned into a potted trellis. You may also paint it in your favorite shade to make the pair more attractive.

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11. Vining Houseplant on a White Birch Branch


A white birch branch can make for a functional trellis option. Just push it into the pot and train the vines around it.

12. Triple Hoop Trellis for Pretty Climbers

DIY Plant Trellises for Pots 6

This triple hoop trellis looks gorgeous and can be an excellent indoor decor option. Large foliage plants will add more to the show.

13. Metal Wire Stake for Potted Houseplants

A metal wire will help you twirl the vines and display a beautiful show. You may push a stick in the pot to support the wire. Watch the tutorial here.

14. Metal Grille for Indoor Climbers

DIY Plant Trellises for Pots 7

Get a metal grille and push it into the pot. You can then train your indoor specimen around it and watch it grow. Details are here.

15. Potted Plant Trellis with Bamboo Stakes

Take 6-foot-long bamboo stakes and tie them together using metal wire to make a sturdy support for your indoor potted plant. Learn more here.

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16. Fancy Pot Trellis

DIY Plant Trellises for Pots 8

This fancy trellis looks tricky but can easily be made following the steps mentioned here. It will look stunning in your garden.

17. Sturdy Container Stake

A sturdy trellis will provide solid support to the vines, besides protecting the heavy Cucurbitas from rolling down. Learn the steps here.

18. DIY Tomato Cage for Pots

DIY Plant Trellises for Pots 9

Harvest a handful of juicy tomatoes using this DIY tomato cage for pots. It will support the plant aiding in abundant fruiting. Details are here.

19. Mini Pot Wire Trellis

This mini pot trellis is easy to make using coated plant wire, ribbons, scissors, and pliers. Get the detailed steps here.

20. Coir Stick and Bamboo Trellis

This Coir Stick and Bamboo Trellis are great for vining plants like pothos and philodendron. Watch the video here.

21. Freestanding Pot Trellis

Display this freestanding pot trellis on the porch and twirl your favorite blooming specimens. The colorful flowers look beautiful with a rustic metal touch to them.

22. Metal obelisk for Flower Pots

Arrange sturdy metal structures and push them into the flower pots. The climbing blooms will whirl around the trellis and put a gorgeous display.

23. Metal Stake for Outdoor Pots


Metal stakes are sturdy structures that support invasive climbers and heavy fruiting varieties. Simply tuck them in the pot and watch the plant thrive.

24. Bird Engraved Metal Arch for Containers

Level up the aesthetics of your garden using these container metal arches. Look for the ones with leaf or bird imprints to add to the charm.

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