27 Best Houseplants for Hanging Baskets

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Try out some of these Best Houseplants for Hanging Baskets! They take less space and look super cool while dangling down the pots!

Amongst the several creative ways to create homes for our beautiful plants, showcasing them in a way while they hang is surely one of the best! Here are the Best Houseplants for Hanging Baskets that you MUST have in your collection!

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Best Houseplants for Hanging Baskets

1. Arrowhead Plant

Best Houseplants for Hanging Baskets

Botanical Name: Syngonium podophyllum

Arrowhead plants get their name because of the leaves that look like arrowheads and then gradually start looking like fingers with time. It looks stunning with shades of pink, burgundy, and green.

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2. Polka Dot Begonia


Botanical Name: Begonia maculata

Choose this houseplant for a hanging plant that you can find with white, red, or pink spotted leaves. It can make for a beautiful statement in a setup with moderate lighting.

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3. Bird’s Nest Fern

Best Houseplants for Hanging Baskets 2

Botanical Name: Asplenium nidus

Grow this houseplant in a hanging basket for its fascinating leaves that can change their shapes depending on how much sunlight they receive.

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4. Wax Hoya 


Botanical NameHoya linearis

Wax Plant or Hoya Linearis can look gorgeous in a hanging basket with fragrant white blooms and hanging tendrils spangled with linear leaves. 

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5. Burro’s Tail

Best Houseplants for Hanging Baskets 3

Botanical Name: Sedum morganianum

This succulent can make for a great hanging houseplant as it can go without water for longer and love lots of sunshine. Showcase its fleshy and thick leaves in bright rooms or balconies.

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6. Air Plants


Botanical Name: Tillandsia

Most gardeners prefer to hang their Air plants in small glass terrariums filled with trinkets and colorful accents. Keep it in a spot with good air ventilation and bright sunlight.

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7. Staghorn Fern

Best Houseplants for Hanging Baskets 4

Botanical Name: Platycerium

Staghorn Fern stands out from other varieties of ferns because of its huge leaves found in the shape of horns. Grow it in hanging baskets at a spot with plenty of filtered sunlight.

8. Spider Plant


Botanical Name: Chlorophytum comosum

Grow this houseplant in hanging baskets for its long, bright leaves. It can cover any vertical or horizontal space and can be an ideal plant for filling in any empty spots indoors. 

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9. Pothos

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum
Pothos displays variegated yellow-golden leaves. Place it in a hanging basket in a spot that receives a good amount of sunlight for 4-6 hours daily. 

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10. Chenille Plant

Botanical Name: Acalypha hispida
Chenille plants can grow fast and you can keep them maintained at the desired size when growing at home in baskets. The red flowers can make a big splash in any space indoors. 

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11. String of Nickels

Botanical Name: Dischidia nummularia
The String of Nickels displays leaves in the shape of coins with fascinating silver variegation. The trailing epiphyte can thrive well in hanging baskets. 

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12. Boston Fern

Botanical Name: Nephrolepis exaltata
Boston Ferns love humidity and their feathery fronds look spectacular when grown in a hanging basket. For best growth, expose them to bright but indirect light.

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13. Philodendron
Botanical Name: Philodendron
Another super trailing variegated foliage plant is the Philodendron and the Brasil is one of the coolest ones you can grow.  

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14. Pitcher Plant

Botanical Name: Nepenthes
The tall pitcher plant and the vibrant colored “pitchers” can attract prey. Place this plant in a hanging basket in the living room or kitchen to keep the unwanted pests away. 

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15. Goldfish Plant

Best Houseplants for Hanging Baskets 8

Botanical Name: Nematanthus
The goldfish plant is best known for its happy orange flowers. It is a petite specimen that can look graceful in a small hanging basket in the bathroom or kitchen. 

16. Spiderwort

Botanical Name: Tradescantia
Tradescantia is loved for its pretty leaves and easy-to-grow nature as a hanging houseplant. The variety called Green Hill does not need much caring. 

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17. Maidenhair Fern

Best Houseplants for Hanging Baskets 9
Botanical Name: Adiantum
Maidenhair Fern is another brilliant houseplant you can grow in hanging planters. It looks gorgeous with its delicate leaves. 

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18. String of Pearls

Botanical Name: Senecio rowleyanus
The round plump petals look spectacular while dangling down the hanging basket. It has a sprawling nature and is perfect for homes with high ceilings. 

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19. Queen’s Tears

Best Houseplants for Hanging Baskets 10
Botanical NameBillbergia nutans
Queen’s Tears, like other Bromeliads, can produce many offshoots or pups. You can multiply this plant easily and showcase it in multiple hanging baskets!

20. String of Beads

Botanical Name: Senecio rowleyanus 
The string of Beads is popular for its fleshy leaves that look striking with their long cascading tendrils. Water it only when the soil dries completely.

21. English Ivy

Best Houseplants for Hanging Baskets 14
Botanical Name: Hedera helix
English Ivy gives a cascading look in the home thanks to its leaves dangling down for a dramatic effect. Prune it from time to time to keep it in shape.

22. String of Hearts

Botanical Name: Ceropegia woodii
This evergreen trailing vine has silver-variegated leaves and pink stems. If you grow it as a hanging plant, prune it to keep it at a desired shape and size.

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23. Ripple Peperomia

Best Houseplants for Hanging Baskets 18
Botanical Name: Peperomia caperata
This Peperomia species flaunts leaves in the shape of hearts and incredible colors, including red, gray, cream, and green.

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24. Trailing Jade

Botanical Name: Peperomia rotundifolia
The trailing Jade plant is a small specimen with slender stems and circular leaves. Grow it in a hanging basket and watch it trail down beautfifully!

25. Satin Pothos

Best Houseplants for Hanging Baskets 22
Botanical Name: Scindapsus pictus argyraeus

Satin Pothos is very popular among beginner gardeners. With its variegated leaves that trail down, it is one of the top contenders for hanging baskets

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26. Forest Cactus

Alina Florist

Botanical Name: Lepismium bolivianum

This low-maintenance houseplant looks best in hanging baskets with spineless trailing, flat, fleshy strands. It can also grow white and pink blooms in the right growing conditions.

27. Christmas Cactus

Best Houseplants for Hanging Baskets 25

Botanical Name: Schlumbergera bridgesii

The smooth leaves with soft, rounded spines tumble over the rims of the hanging baskets. It also displays pink, red, white, and orange tubular blooms.

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