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17 Best Types of Chinese Evergreen Varieties

Want to know the Best Types of Chinese Evergreen Plant Varieties? Check out our exclusive list that has the best ones for you!

Feast your eyes with the Best Types of Chinese Evergreen Varieties that will make for some of the most gorgeous houseplants!

Here’s all you need to know about growing Chinese Evergreen

Best Types of Chinese Evergreen Varieties

1. Silver Bay

Best Types of Chinese Evergreen Varieties

This beautiful cultivar shows off green leaves with white stripes and pale green stems. It is also ranked as one of the top air-cleaning plants on NASA list.

2. Silver Queen


It boasts silver-green lance-shaped foliage that looks great on short stems. The plant looks adorable irrespective of moderation in light.

3. Emerald Bay

Best Types of Chinese Evergreen Varieties 2

It features a beautiful fusion of dark green edges with a silver-gray center. This variety is more tolerant of low-light conditions than other variegated cultivars.

4. Cutlass

‘Cutlass’ has blade-like streaked green and white leaves with deep green central veins. It makes for a great tabletop plant.

5. Burmese Evergreen

Best Types of Chinese Evergreen Varieties 3

An apt choice for low-light areas like offices and urban apartments, it stays lush green in minimum sunlight.

6. Silver King

It displays dark green foliage with silver hues from the prime vein of the leaf. The plant can withstand dim-light areas and rooms with indirect light.

7. Maria Christina

Best Types of Chinese Evergreen Varieties 9

This cultivar looks like ‘Silver Queen’ though it has slightly small and dense leaves. It is more cold-tolerant as well.

8. First Diamond

The heavily variegated green and white leaves, atop short stems, resemble dieffenbachia. Avoid overwatering to keep this variety happy.

9. Maria

Best Types of Chinese Evergreen Varieties 10

Native to the Philippines, this slow-growing and easy-to-care variety offer deep and light green patterned leaves.

10. BJ Freeman


BJ Freeman exhibits large leaves with gray, green, and white markings. It can manage in low lights.

11. Brilliant

Best Types of Chinese Evergreen Varieties 13

As the name sounds, the foliage is brilliantly mottled with cream-white midrib and creamy gray splotches on the dark green surface.

12. Cory


This beautiful cultivar has green leaves patterned in silver-green feathery stripes on white or cream-hued stems.

13. Abidjan

This tough plant features long and wide camouflage leaves with gray-green splotches. It can tolerate shade which makes it an apt choice for low-lit rooms.

14. Amelia


Amelia offers variegated dark green silver-gray leaves. It adds tremendous beauty to the corners with its attractive foliage!

15. Tigress

Tigress has long olive green leaves with white-green stripes that give it the common name. Pair it with other colorful varieties for the best combination.

16. Pictum Tricolor

What makes this houseplant truly stand out from the rest of the varieties are its camouflage-pattern leaves!

17. Malay Beauty

The leaves of this plant have a dark green hue with bright silver splotches. If you want a variegated houseplant with bold patterns, this is it!

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