19 Best Houseplants for Sunny Windows

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You are lucky if you have got a window that receives direct sunlight. There you can grow Houseplants for Sunny Windows.

If you love plants and have large and bright windows in the home–you’re fortunate! You can grow most of the popular indoor plants and herbs there. Some of the best are listed below:

1. Jade Plant

 Houseplants for Sunny Windows

Botanical Name: Crassula ovata

This popular good luck houseplant is very forgiving but requires 3-4 hours of daily sunlight dose to grow well, and if you’ve got a sunny window, it should be the perfect spot for it.

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2. Aloe Vera

Botanical Name: Aloe barbadensis miller

Aloe vera is not only low-maintenance, but it has many medicinal uses as well. While this succulent can grow in indirect sun, it would be best to keep it on your sunny windowsill.

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3. Croton

 Houseplants for Sunny Windows 2

Botanical Name: Codiaeum variegatum

Crotons offer you pretty and colorful ornamental foliage. They love the warm temperature range and perform great by a sun-lit window.

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4. Sago Palm

Image Source: gardentags

Botanical Name: Cycas revoluta

This slow-growing palm does not produce flowers and hardly shed its leaves, making it a neat choice for a living room or bedrooms with bright windows.

Note: Keep sago palm away from pets and kids as it is poisonous.

5. Cacti

 Houseplants for Sunny Windows 3

Botanical Name: Cactaceae

Plants from the cactus family are perfect for growing near sunny windows and glass doors. Check out some of the best you can grow indoors here.

6. Palms

You can grow compact palm varieties by the windows that receive filtered sunlight.  Some of the best ones are Cascade palm, Areca palm, Parlor Palm, Dwarf Fan Palm, and Ponytail Palm.

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7. Jasmine

Botanical Name: Jasminum

The cluster of fragrant, dainty white blooms on an evergreen vine is easy-to-care-for. Jasmine will grow well near a sunny window. You can also try Madagascar jasmine!

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8. Hibiscus

Botanical Name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Add colors to your home with hibiscus flowers. This plant requires direct sunlight from your sunny window to bloom.

Here’s all you need to know about growing hibiscus indoors

9. Succulents

Succulents are the greatest addition to any warm and sunny window where they’ll happily thrive in light.

10. Norfolk Island Pine

Botanical Name: Araucaria heterophylla

Norfolk Island Pine can attain a good height indoors if you have a sunny window in your lounge or living room. It looks great with its needled foliage.

11. Herbs

 Houseplants for Sunny Windows 6

Herbs can be used in several ways in the kitchen. Grow them where these plants can receive a minimum of 4-5 hours of direct sunlight. A south or west-facing window will be an ideal spot.

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12. Florist Kalanchoe

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

This flowering houseplant grows well in direct sunlight; it produces trumpet-shaped flowers from late winter to early spring in the shades of red, orange, yellow, and pink.

13. Geranium

 Houseplants for Sunny Windows 4

Botanical Name: Pelargonium

The beautiful flowers and fragrant leaves of geraniums are going to be a head-turner in your rooms that have a sunny window! A South or West facing window would be an ideal spot for it.

Here’s all you need to know about growing Geraniums indoors

14. Microgreens

These young leafy greens, vegetables, and herbs are both tasty and nutritious. The best part is, they are quite easy to grow especially when you have a sunny window!

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15. Lettuce

 Houseplants for Sunny Windows 8

Botanical Name: Lactuca sativa

Lettuce is an ideal green vegetable for a bright window. This crispy salad green offers a great taste when used fresh and also harvest quickly–about 8 weeks for most varieties. Discover the names of more vegetables you can grow on a sunny windowsill here.

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16. Cyclamen

Botanical Name: Cyclamen persicum

These beautiful flowers don’t grow well in dark spots, which is why a bright and warm window would be an apt choice.

17. Gloxinia

 Houseplants for Sunny Windows 9

Botanical Name: Sinningia speciosa

Resembling African violets, these plants have charming velvety leaves with large, bell-shaped flowers. The plant thrives in bright light.

18. Clivia

Botanical Name: Clivia

Bright and colorful clivias are perfect for a spot that receives direct morning sunlight. If you’ve got an East facing window–this is the perfect houseplant.

*Clivia, especially its bulbs, are toxic to dogs and cats. Ingesting it can cause clinical symptoms.

19. Citrus

Botanical Name: Citrus

Dwarf lemon and orange tree varieties can be grown indoors if you’ve got a sunny windowsill. You can learn more about growing lemons in pots here. Apart from these, you can also grow an indoor avocado and olive tree near a sunny window!

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