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Do you want to grow Green Plants As a Curtain? Here are some fantastic ideas to cover up your windows with trailing specimens!

If you want a distinct eco-friendly look for your house, then pick one idea from the below images. The idea of having Green Plants As a Curtain provides you with natural filtered light, and these drapes purify the air too!

Here are the best trailing plants you can grow!

Green Plants As a Curtain

You can grow trailing plants, climbers, creepers, and vines as a curtain to beautify empty walls, big windows, balconies, and poolsides of your home. These innovative green curtains will work as a privacy screen that allows the light in as well.

1. Trailing Plants in Hanging Pots

Green Plants As a Curtain

2. A Green Window Shade

3. Climbing Plant as Curtain

Green Plants As a Curtain 2

Grow Clematis in your garden with these brilliant ideas!

4. Cucumber Plant as Green Curtain

5. Morning Glory as a Curtain

Green Plants As a Curtain 3

6. Hanging Trailing Plants

7. Dense Green Curtain

Green Plants As a Curtain 4

8. Trailing Plant Covering the Front Window

9. Hanging Window Plants

Green Plants As a Curtain 5

Check out these amazing houseplants that reduce dust in the air!

10. A Fine Living Curtain

11. Trailing Plants for Windows

Green Plants As a Curtain 6

12. Trailing Plant in Pots on Wall

13. Green Window by the Kitchen

Green Plants As a Curtain 7

Love Bonsais? Try growing Baobab bonsai like this!

14. Curtain Creeper

15. Potted Trailing Plants Covering the Entire Front of the House!

Green Plants As a Curtain 8

16. Curtain Creepers All Over!

17. Kitchen with a Green Window

Green Plants As a Curtain 9

Grow these beautiful houseplants on the east-facing window of your home!

18. Pothos All Over the Window!

19. A Green Plant Curtain on the Door

Green Plants As a Curtain 10

Get the best Tips to Grow Giant Leaf Pothos here!

20. Curtain Creeper with Other Plants


21. A Walkway With Trailing Plants

Green Plants As a Curtain 11

Wanna enjoy a tropical vibe on road trips? Grow these plants in your car!

22. Pothos Over the Wall Railing



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