How to Grow Ferns from Ferns | Propagating Ferns from Division

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Propagating Ferns from Division is an effective option to Grow Ferns from Ferns free of cost! Learn how to do this in this post!

How to Grow Ferns from Ferns
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Propagating Ferns from Division is the easiest way to multiply this lush tropical plant. If you want more ferns for your hanging baskets or pots, then learn everything about How to Grow Ferns from Ferns easily!

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How to Grow Ferns from Ferns?

There are mainly three ways you can grow Ferns from Ferns:

  • Spores
  • Division
  • Stolons

Let’s have a look at all of these processes in detail.

Growing Ferns from Spores


Growing ferns from spores is the most natural process, but it takes time. To do this, cut a spored frond and keep it in an envelope or within two pieces of paper to dry out. Once done, shake it to loosen the spores and collect them on a piece of paper.

Take a flat tray and layer it with well-draining growing medium and dust spores over it. Using a spray bottle, moisten it evenly and keep the tray where it gets bright, indirect light. Regularly water the soil with a spray bottle to keep the growing medium slightly moist until they grow.

Do bear the fact in mind that this is the lengthiest process as the spores might take anywhere between 7-12 months to produce plantlets.

Growing Ferns from Division

How to Grow Ferns from Ferns 2

This is one of the best and fastest ways to propagate ferns from ferns:

  • For dividing ferns, water the plant well for two days and then take out the entire plant from the pot.
  • Divide the root ball in a way where you take out individual fronds with roots attached to them. For more details on doing it, see this tutorial video here.
  • Once separated, plant the sections in individual pots filled with rich potting mix. Mist around the soil every morning to provide sufficient moisture. Keep the separated ferns in bright and indirect light until they are established.

Note: Divide ferns in fall or during spring for best results. 

Growing Ferns from Stolons


You can also propagate ferns from stolons—the fuzzy, long, string-like structures that grow between the fronds. Stolons or runners can be layered on the soil for planting ferns.

  • Take a U-shaped landscape staple or a small rock and pin the stolons to the soil while they are attached to the mother plant.
  • Keep the soil moist, and place the pot where it gets bright indirect light.
  • When new growth arises, which will be in 6-8 weeks, cut the runner that is attached from the mother plant.
  • Boston and Asparagus ferns are the best to grow from stolons.

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