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30 Succulents on the Steps, Crevices, and Pathways Ideas

Transform your outdoor spaces into a vibrant oasis with these creative Succulents on the Steps, Crevices, and Pathways Ideas.

Looking to add some unique and eye-catching greenery to your home’s exterior? Succulents may be just what you need! Whether you have a sprawling garden or a small balcony, succulents can transform any space into a vibrant oasis. Here are creative Succulents on the Steps, Crevices, and Pathways Ideas, so you can enjoy their beauty all year round. So, grab your gardening gloves and get ready to get your hands dirty – it’s time to plant some succulents!

Here are the Most Modern “Succulent on the Entrance” Ideas

Succulents on the Steps, Crevices, and Pathways Ideas

1. Houseleeks with a Dash of Red

Here are the Best Red Succulents

2. Small Succulents lining the Pathway

3. A Small Succulent Rock Garden Path

4. Rows of Rosettes

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5. Succulent Pots and Bird Houses on the Steps

6. Contrasting Light and Dark Green Succulents

7. Succulents and Steps of Stone

Here are Super Cool Succulent Tower Ideas

8. Desert Staircase with Agave and Cacti


9. Agave in Gravel Beds

Here are Stunning Succulents with Purple Flowers

10. A Vibrant and Colorful Garden Bed

11. Lush Stonecrop with Succulent Planters


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12. Common Houseleeks Surrounded by White Gravel


13. Stones in a Zen Garden with Succulent Varieties


14. Giant Aeoniums with Small Echeverias


15. Brick-lined Senecio Garden Beds


Here are the Best Hanging Succulents with Pictures

16. Spiky Foliage in the Garden

17. A Pool of Echeverias in the Garden Bed

18. Mini Rosettes on the Rocks

Here are the Best Trailing Succulents For Hanging Baskets

19. Rocky Pathway with Dark Green Succulents

20. A Colorful Succulent Bed

21. A Kaleidoscope of Succulent Colors

Here are Unique & Rare Cactus Plants to Grow If You Love Cacti & Succulents

22. Thick-leafed Succulents near the Staircase

23. Needle-like Leaves in Gravel Beds

24. Large Glossy Aeoniums

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25. Echeveria with Oranges

26. Small Succulent Garden Beds with Stone Tile Pathway

27. Staircase to Succulent Heaven

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28. Irish Roses with Aloes

29. Common Houseleeks on Boulders

30. Stone-lined Succulent Bed Entrance Idea

Here are DIY Succulent Ideas For Spring


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