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20 Hallway Decor Ideas with Plants

Take a cue from these elegant Hallway Decor Ideas with Plants to make this otherwise dull space more functional and stylish!

In most homes, hallways are usually dull and boring, specifically–That is the most neglected space of the house! If your story is the same, it’s time to make it lively and functional with the help of these Hallway Decor Ideas with Plants.

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Hallway Decor Ideas with Plants

1. Use Every Inch of Space

Hallway Decor Ideas with PlantsIf you want to create more space to organize things, there is no better idea than this one. We found it here!

2. Welcoming Entryway

Adding a mirror and snake plants seems like a good idea.

3. A Busy Hallway!

Hallway Decor Ideas with Plants 2

Plants and a contrasting carpet can create magic.

4. No More Boring Hallway

This post will give you a tour of the before and after of a boring hallway and how it was transformed.

5. Corridor with a Touch of Nature

Hallway Decor Ideas with Plants 3

If your hallway is bright, you can give space to houseplants like ZZ or philodendron. Keeping them on a plant stand will create more visual interest.

6. Well Lit Long Corridor with Plants

There is nothing like adding multiple plants and a nice complimenting rug in a long corridor to make it interesting!

7. Propagation Wall Hallway

If your hallway is bright, you can create a propagation wall like this. We found the idea here.

8. A Passageway with Plants and Flowers!

Image Credit: Livspace

Isn’t this narrow passageway is sleek and elegant?

9. Plant at the Chic Console Table

Hallway Decor Ideas with Plants 5

A bench or a chic console table in the hallway will make for a perfect place to keep your favorite plant!

10. A Blue and White Corridor

A long and hallway made beautiful using a navy blue rug, scarf-turned tapestry, and, of course, plant. Learn more about it here.

11. Upstairs Hallway Makeover

Hallway Decor Ideas with Plants 6

You can revamp the look of the upstairs hallway using just the simple decor elements and plants to make it feel fresh.

12. Beautiful White Hallway

This white hallway, flanked by a mirror and a bookshelf, looks more beautiful with the addition of plants!

13. Make a Statement with Mirror and Plants!

Hallway Decor Ideas with Plants 7
Image Source: margaret.wright

Adding a mirror at the end of a hallway is going to make it look brighter, and the addition of plants will make a pretty statement!

14. A Walking Gallery Between Lights and Shadows!

Adding your favorite pictures on the wall and using plants to complete the look will make your hallway look spectacular!

15. Adding a Console Table is a Must

Hallway Decor Ideas with Plants 8
Image Source: mydomaine

A console table in a hallway can help you make this space more functional.

16. Pop of Colors!

Add a dash of colors to your small hallway by painting the walls in bright hues and bringing in plants to add natural tones to it!

17. A Tonal Treatment

Hallway Decor Ideas with Plants 9

Turn up the style of the hallways by playing with textures, flowers, plants, rugs, and other design elements!

18. Filling it with Foliage!

A long blue rug, lantern, and indoor plants are all you need to up the style of your white hallway!

19. A Touch of Green

Hallway Decor Ideas with Plants 4

White creates the illusion of brightness and more space while the addition of the plant completes the look!

20. Use Your Hallway Windowsill

Image Credit: Apartment Therapy

If your hallway has a windowsill, there’s no better place than that to grow indoor plants.

Watch this video for more information


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