25 Modern Ideas to Display Indoor Plants in Style!

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Check out some amazing Ideas for Styling Indoor Plants that you can use creatively to make the best use of small space in an apartment or studio!

If you are looking for some out-of-box Ideas for Styling Indoor Plants, then don’t look elsewhere! We have the best ones for you here!

Have a look at some brilliant space-saving indoor plant ideas here!

Best Ideas for Styling Indoor Plants

1. Grow Plants in Terrariums

Ideas for Styling Indoor Plants

Growing plants in terrariums are the easiest way to style them in minutes! Check the best DIY terrarium ideas here.

Have a look at the most beautiful pictures of wine glass terrariums here

2. Macrame Hangers

Hanging planters in macrame holders is an interesting way to grow plants vertically in pots. Check out some amazing macrame plant hanger DIY ideas here.

Find out the best vertical macrame wall planter ideas here

3. Grow in Metallic Planters

Ideas for Styling Indoor Plants 2

Grow plants in brass, metal, and shiny tin planters for an exquisite touch in your indoor garden. You can plant variegated houseplants in glossy metallic pots!

Check out more metallic planter ideas here

4. Use a Plant Stand

Plant stands are not just for holding planters. They also bring style and height to the entire look!

Discover the best plant stand design ideas for indoor plants here

5. Music Instrumental Planter

This interesting idea to style indoor plants is  quiteunique! Have a look at some of the best bizarre DIY musical instrument planters here.

6. Repurposed Planters from Filing Cabinets

You can make your indoor plant more classy by growing them in movable repurposed planters made by old filing cabinets. This idea not only boosts the curb appeal but also saves money.

Check out more ideas on re-purpose planters here

7. Style Succulents in Mini Planters

Ideas for Styling Indoor Plants 4

Make small succulents more beautiful by growing them in mini planters like egg cups, and wine corks.

Check out some amazing mini planters for succulents here

8. Try Letter Planters

This distinct planter idea can be a head-turner in your home decor. Grow plants in the alphabet design planters for a completely different look.

Here are some awesome letter planter ideas you must copy

9. Cute Eggshell Planters

Ideas for Styling Indoor Plants 5

Eggshells can be used in a range of ways as planters! You can use them to grow small plants by following the DIY here.

10. Plants in Fruit Planters

Planters in the shape of fruits or painted-in fruit colors look adorable and stylish.

Find the crafty DIY fruit planters here

11. Grow Plants Vertically in Pocket Planters

Ideas for Styling Indoor Plants 6

Fabric, denim, or pocket planters are great ideas to grow plants vertically in a fancy way.

Explore pocket planters for urban homes and gardens here

12. Dustbin Planter Can Be Stylish Too!

Metal trash bins can be used as trendy pots for growing your favorite indoor plants.

Discover the best DIY dustbin planters here

13. Trendy Geometric Planters

Ideas for Styling Indoor Plants 7

Geometric pots look trendy and eye-catching! You can use them to grow succulents or air plants.

Have a look at the best geometric planters here

14. Elegant Copper Pots

Growing houseplants in shiny copper pots is a great way to enhance the overall look. You can use them in many ways!

Check out some fantastic copper planters here

15. Rusted Metal Planters

Ideas for Styling Indoor Plants 8

Rusted pots have their separate fanbase! You can also use them for growing your favorite houseplants. Check the DIY here.

16. Old Chandeliers into Planters

Chandeliers have their own charm but have you tried growing plants into them? Trailing plants will look the best!

Here are some amazing chandelier planter ideas

17. Plants in Ice Cream Cones

Ideas for Styling Indoor Plants 9

Ice cream cone planters not only look cute but also add style to the area where they are placed. Check the DIY in this post.

18. Use Galvanized Metal Planters

Galvanized Metal Planters look appealing due to their distinct color and shape. Follow DIY galvanized metal planter ideas with tutorials here.

19. Try Teacup Planters

Ideas for Styling Indoor Plants 10

Teacups also make attractive planters to style small indoor plants. You can also use them to create a teacup fairy garden.

Have a look at the best teacup planter ideas here

20. Indoor Test Tube Propagation Center

An indoor test tube propagation center makes for a fantastic display of flowers and other plants like pothos. You can keep the tubes in a wooden stand on tabletops, too.

Here are some amazing glass tubes planting ideas

21. Headboards

Headboards are cheap and easy to make! You can hang them anywhere in the house to hang pots in style!

Try out these insane ideas to turn cloth racks into a brilliant garden!

22. Plants in Furniture

Go for smart furniture that has built-in cabinets to grow plants. This can be the back of a bed, a table, chair, or any furniture for that matter!

Check out some amazing indoor plant furniture garden ideas here

23. Pegboards

This one is another genius way to display plants when you are on a budget and short on space. All you need is an empty wall, and you are good to go!

Here are some of the best pegboard ideas you can use

24. Mason Jars

Mason jars are also one of the cheap and space-saving ideas that can help you style your room with plants. We have some amazing pictures on it here.

25. Kitchen Items

Yes! You can use kitchen items to grow plants! They look quirky, add appeal, are easy on the pocket, and look classy—all at the same time!

Check out some amazing planter ideas from kitchen items here

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