18 DIY Eggshell Ideas for Gardeners | Easter Egg Planters

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Eggshells are cheap (Actually free!) and can be used in a variety of ways as planters! Here are some amazing DIY Eggshell Ideas you can try!

Eggs hold quite a lot of significance in the Christian festival of Easter. People decorate and use them in a variety of ways for gifting. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with some exciting DIY Eggshell Ideas you would love to implement!

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1. Golden Eggshell Planters

DIY Eggshell Ideas

This is a smart, eco-friendly solution to recycle eggshells. Instead of throwing them away, you can turn them into golden planters. Grow plastic or mini plants; both are going to look good. Follow this post for more details!

2. Flower Planter

Have you ever come across a DIY that’s as easy as breaking an egg? This project is all about cracking the eggshells and using them creatively! Learn more about the easter egg planters here!

3. Planter With a Mini Nest

DIY Eggshell Ideas for you

Crack eggs from the middle and plant your cuttings. To add extra detail, use napkin rings, and some moss to make a holder for one of the best DIY eggshell ideas on the list.

4. Colored Eggshells

You can crack 1/3 part of eggs and plant the cuttings in them. To make them look more attractive, you can use food coloring! More details here!

5. Egg Carton Seedlings

DIY Eggshell Ideas for you to try

To give a kick start to your seedlings in eggshells, prefer keeping them in an egg carton. You can even use a paper egg carton to create a biodegradable seedlings planter. Follow The Survival Life for DIY eggshell ideas.

6. Eggshells as Small Vases

Crack, color, sparkle; that’s all you have to do to replicate this idea! Apart from this planter idea, this link also provides two more ideas for easter egg planters project. Click to find out!

7. Colored Shells for Wheat Grass

DIY Eggshell Ideas for planting

Grab some eggs and paint it using food colors or just normal colors. All in all, a great Easter decor idea. Look here for the tutorial for one of the best DIY eggshell ideas.

8. Mini Succulents Planter

Instead of just placing your eggshell planters upright on a surface, hang them using macrame cords. Undoubtedly, macrame gives the planter a startling look! Visit Crafts Tuts Plus for more!

9. Sprouts Planter

By now, you must have realized how easy it’s to make Easter egg planters. The steps are the same as the other DIYs on this list. The idea is from Home Talk.

10. Growing Seeds In Eggshells

DIY Eggshell Ideas that will amaze you

You know what to do to create an eggshell seedling, but this time, let your kids decorate it for you. Click here for one of the best DIY eggshell ideas!

11. Flowers In Eggshell

You can easily skip on the decorating step and use some light color flowers to do the job on this DIY Eggshell Idea. Prettier than any painted eggshell planter for sure!

12. Easter Egg Bud Vases

DIY Eggshell Ideas for easter

This site provides a variety of ways to decorate and start your eggshell planter. Good for the spring decoration this year.

13. Funny Egg Faces

Decorate your planters in a way you like or rather create your ‘mood faces’ on each to relate to them more. Watch this video for one of the best DIY eggshell ideas.

14. Spring Centerpiece

DIY Eggshell Ideas for easter gifting

There’s no better way to celebrate Easter than using an egg to grow something! Get inspired here.

15. Egg Head Planters

Drawing faces/designs on eggs can be engaging for your kids! Click here for the tutorial.

16. Eggshell Seedlings

DIY Eggshell Ideas for growing little plants

Rather than outlining eyes with markers on the eggshell, go 3D by sticking googly eyes on the egg. More details this DIY eggshell ideas, here.

17. Eggshell Seed Starters

DIY Eggshell Ideas that are easy to make and implement

Initially, start seeds in eggshells, and when they get too big for the planter, transplant them directly into the soil. The Instructables have the full tutorial.

18. Eggshell Planters

DIY Eggshell Ideas you can make in no time

Eggshell planters are a pretty doable thing, even for the beginner DIYers. You might find difficulty in cracking the eggs in the desired manner, but don’t lose hope and start over again.

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