20 Indoor Planter Ideas from Old Kitchen Items

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If you want to grow indoor plants in creative pots, do a quick search in your kitchen to find old kitchen items that can become unique planters!

If you’re looking for some out-of-the-box DIY planter ideas to grow your houseplants, these Indoor Planter Ideas from Kitchen Items will inspire you to do some cool experiments.

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Planter Ideas from Kitchen Items

1.Hanging K-Cup Planters

Planter Ideas from Kitchen Items

If you could find empty Keurig K-Cups, making these planters is easy. Hang them using dental floss using window suction hooks in your home.

2. Succulents in a Vintage Silver Tea Set

A vintage tea set can be used to make an undeniably beautiful tabletop centerpiece by growing succulents plants or use faux plants.

3. Hanging Wall Planters from Coffee Cups

Planter Ideas from Kitchen Items 2

Using a Pine Wood Board, you can hang coffee mugs on the wall and grow succulents in them. Details are here.

4. Coffee Pot Terrarium

Learn how this terrarium was made here!

5. Kitchen Utensil Planter

Planter Ideas from Kitchen Items 3

Large serving spoons of different lengths from your kitchen can be used to grow different succulents. Discover the names of the best small-size succulents here!

6. Mason Jar DIY Herb Garden

Use pint-size mason jars in a vintage jar holder to grow different herbs of your choice on a kitchen counter.

7. Plants in Utensil Holder

Planter Ideas from Kitchen Items 4

A wooden kitchen utensil holder can be a great planter to grow plants or herbs of your choice. Here are all the details.

8. Cooking Utensils Hanging Planter

Hang ladles and whiskers on a holder to grow succulents or air plants. You can use fake plants as well.

9. Cheese Grater Planter

Planter Ideas from Kitchen Items 5

A cheese grater can be an amazing planter to grow indoor plants, cuttings or display a fake plant on a wall.

10. Coasters+Jar Lid Planter

Get cork coasters and pair them with jar lids to make interesting planters. For more details on this DIY, click here.

11. DIY Wine Glass Terrariums

Planter Ideas from Kitchen Items 6

Add a look and appeal to your kitchen countertop with these chic wine glass terrariums by growing succulents in them.

Check out more wine glass ideas here

12. Tea Pot Planter

How about growing your favorite succulent in a vintage-looking teapot!

13. DIY Colander Planter

Planter Ideas from Kitchen Items 7

Grow small flowering plants, annuals, and herbs in colorful colanders.

14. Beautiful Glass Terrarium

Want to make this terrarium for your windowsill? The step-by-step article is here!

15. Hanging Funnel Planter

Planter Ideas from Kitchen Items 8

These metal funnels hanging by the chains will serve as great planters to grow plants by the kitchen window.

16. DIY Succulent Planter from an Old Frying Pan

An old frying pan in your kitchen can be a great planter to grow different succulents or. Place it anywhere you want but make sure it receives enough light.

17. White Metal Box Planter

Planter Ideas from Kitchen Items 9

Get metal jars and containers from your kitchen, make drainage holes in their bottom using a drill and use them to grow your favorite indoor plants. To make the DIY better, keep them on plant stands.

See these DIY plant stand ideas here

18. Herbs in Old Kettle

A rustic-looking old kettle can be a great planter to grow different herbs.

19. Dutch Oven Planter

Planter Ideas from Kitchen Items 10
Image Source: lajking

A damaged dutch oven converted into a succulent garden. Quite creative!

20. Flowers in a Toaster

Don’t let that kaput toaster go to waste–use it as a shiny planter to grow flowering plants of your choice.

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