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If you’re a fan of rusty things, broadcast your love with these DIY Rusted Metal Planters available with detailed tutorials!

1. Rusty File Cabinet

Rusty File Cabinet

Learn how an old painted file cabinet was transformed into a rusted planter from the steps given at Hometalk.

2. Rusted Can Planters

Rusted Can Planters

Scratch the surface of the tin cans to remove the paint coat. In the second step, spray with hydrogen peroxide and sprinkle salt over them. Visit Mixed Kreations to learn more.

3. Rusty Wagon Planter

Rusty Wagon Planter

Visit First Thyme Mom to find how this old rusty wagon became an unusual wagon planter.

4. Rusty Cans

Provide rusty patina to soup cans and use them as planters. We found the idea here.

5. DIY Barnwood Hanging Planter

 DIY Rusty Metal Planters

3 metal pails got their rusty appearance after the coat of rust finish paint. They were hanged on a wood pallet (painted with barn wood stain) by means of hooks. To learn more, visit Shanty 2 Chic.

6. Faux Rust Patina Concrete Planter

 Rusty Metal Planter

Two glass vases turned into concrete planters with a rust patina. The tutorial for this interesting DIY project is here.

7. Vintage Toolbox Garden

Rusty Metals Planter

Find a vintage toolbox for sale in a local thrift shop, yard sale or craigslist. Once you buy that, or if in case you already own one, visit this website, The Homeroad for the tutorial.

8. Rusted & Distressed Flower Bucket

For this project, you’ll need sandpaper, hydrogen peroxide, toilet bowl cleaner, white vinegar, salt, and planter buckets. We’re just listing the materials. The steps are well-explained in the YouTube tutorial here.

9. DIY Rusted Cast Iron Planter

A simple looking ceramic planter was transformed into a vintage urn. Can you do that as well? Find the answer in this tutorial.

10. Copper Patina and Rust Planters

Copper Patina and Rust Planters

At BellaTucker.com, find out how the two galvanized containers got their appealing rusty, copper patina finish. This is surely one of the best DIY Rusty Metal Planter Projects in our list.

11. Vintage Toy Truck Planter

Rusty Metal Planters diy

If you are creative enough, anything can be a planter. Rescue a toy vehicle and start boarding your succulent passengers on it. The directions are here.

12. Shopping Cart Planter

How about filling a useless shopping cart with contrasting flowers? We found the idea here.

13. Funnel Hanging Planter

Repurpose oxidized metal funnels into planters in no time. Line the bottom with landscaping fabric or something similar to block the soil from falling and plant any low maintenance plant. Use wires to hang them. It’s just that simple.

14. Rusty Head Planter

Search your nearby local stores or wig stores for a styrofoam head mannequin and plant succulents inside it. To learn how to give it a faux rusty look, click here.
Find out more head planter ideas in this article!

15. Easy Rusty Planter

Easy Rusty Planter

Repurpose rusty items around your home into planters. Take inspiration from here.

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