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26 Awesome Indoor Plants Furniture Garden Ideas

Looking for the funkiest ways to grow plants at home? Here are some awesome Indoor Plants Furniture Garden Ideas you can try yourself!

Thinking about some really cool and weird ways to grow indoor plants in your home? Well, these Indoor Furniture Garden Ideas will guide you towards a whole new level of creativity–Make a headboard of live plants, grow them inside a coffee table, create a jungle sofa, or use them as a room divider!

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Indoor Furniture Garden Ideas

1. Mini Jungle on Sofa

Furniture Garden Ideas 1
Image Source: urbannotesdk

Have a look at some awesome indoor winter gardening projects here

2. Unique Headboard

Furniture Garden Ideas 9
Image Source: ikeahackers

Love this? Learn how to make it here.

3. Blue Chair and Table Planter

Furniture Garden Ideas 2

4. Coffee Table Terrarium

Furniture Garden Ideas 10
Image Source: abeautifulmess

Here are the best plants for coffee tables

5. Wooden Chair with Succulents

Image Source: adbodagat

6. A Cabinet Full of Plants!

Image Source: swissgreenhouse

Learn how to turn old cabinets into plant homes here

7. Office Cupboard Planter

Furniture Garden Ideas 4
Image Source: bioark

8. Old Dresser Planter

Image Source: swfplantlady

9. Wooden Drawer Planter

Furniture Garden Ideas 5
Image Source: thriftypartygal

10. An Indoor Planter

Image Source: onekindesign

11. The Cheater’s Terrarium

Furniture Garden Ideas 6
Image Source: welivethegivenlife

Have a look at some amazing vintage terrarium ideas here

12. The Plant Table Miniature Garden

Check out some awesome miniature garden ideas here

13. Multiple Letterboxes with Plants

Furniture Garden Ideas 7

14. The Kitchen Shelf Planter

Have a look at some amazing space-saving hacks for the kitchen here

15. A Nature Lover’s Chair

Furniture Garden Ideas 8

16. Indoor Vertical Garden

Have a look at some amazing vertical garden ideas with air plants here

17. Side Table Terrarium

Image Source: homedit

18. Stylish Side Table Terrarium

Image Source: bhg

19. A Kitchen Herb Countertop

Furniture Garden Ideas 11

Here are some awesome herb gardens on kitchen countertop ideas

20. Indoor Kitchen Garden

Check out some fantastic Kitchen Garden ideas here

21. Cabinet with Plants on Top

Image Source: a_l_collections

22. A Green Cafe!

Furniture Garden Ideas 3
Image Source: cityscapes_boston

23. A Plant Lady’s Staircase

 Have a look at some awesome ideas on Staircase with plants here

24. Indoor Plants Room Divider

This might be the coolest room divider ever?

25. Indoor Plants Shelf

26. Another Room Divider

For this, you can use ferns and plants like pothos and philodendron.

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