53 DIY Terrarium Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind Away!

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Make inexpensive homemade terrariums for your home and garden with these 53 DIY Terrarium Ideas available with tutorials!

1. DIY Wire Cloche

Visit DIY Show Off to see how to create this brilliant coffee table centerpiece using chicken and a few other supplies.

2. Indoor Tabletop Terrarium Water Garden

Indoor Tabletop Terrarium Water Garden

Keep some greenery in your rented apartment with this Indoor Tabletop Water Garden. The tutorial is here!

3. Terrarium Lamp

Infuse life and light into dull corners with this unusual terrarium lamp. Visit Craftbits to see the DIY!

4. Wine Bottle Terrarium

This bottle terrarium is basically nature in a nutshell for you. We found this idea at Saved by Love Creations!

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5. Picture Frame Greenhouse Terrarium

Recycle old picture frames to create an effortlessly chic terrarium. Click here to see the tutorial!

6. Terrarium Wall

Create a vertical terrarium wall, which is incomparable and pretty, with this tutorial here!

7. Mini Landscape Terrarium

Mini Landscape Terrarium idea

Create this mini landscape DIY terrarium in simple steps here and enjoy the aesthetics!

8. DIY Miniature Waterfall

Get a beautiful waterfall in your home with this award-winning DIY terrarium waterfall idea available at the Instructables!

9. Recycled Plastic Bottle Terrarium

Recycled Plastic Bottle Terrarium idea diy

Recycle a soda bottle to complete this creative soda bottle terrarium. The DIY is here!

10. Pottery Barn Inspired Terrarium

Make this pottery barn inspired terrarium for just $10. Click here to see the tutorial video!

11. Closed Terrarium

Your dull counter space will look so lively with this closed terrarium. Visit Crate and Barrel to see the DIY!

12. Industrial Tiered Tabletop Succulent Garden

Whether this project qualifies in our list of terrarium ideas or not, you must check out this DIY!

13. Lightbulb Terrarium

lightbulb DIY Terrarium Ideas

Have old bulbs? Follow this DIY article here to make cute terrariums out of them.

14. Hanging Terrarium

Create hanging terrariums for your bedroom. The step-by-step instructions are here!

15. Sand Art Terrarium

A unique medley of color and greenery, create a sand art terrarium following the tutorial available at HGTV!

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16. Glass Container Tutorial

Glass Container DIY Terrarium Ideas

This very basic tutorial here teaches you how to create your own terrariums using glass containers.

17. Fish Bowl Terrarium

Fish Bowl DIY Terrarium Ideas

Give up fussy fishes for low-maintenance plants that paint a beautiful picture in concise glass bowls. One of a kind of tutorial is here!

18. DIY Terrarium Place Holder

Create this interesting terrarium placeholder for your dining. The tutorial is here!

19. Spice Jar Terrarium

Cute little spice jars can be turned into mini moss terrariums. Visit Red Handled Scissors to find out more!

20. Cactus Terrarium

Hard luck with goldfishes? Try cactus instead. They are virtually impossible to kill and thrive on neglect. The tutorial is here!

21. Miniature Greenhouse Using Terrarium

Miniature Greenhouse Using Terrarium

Create this cute miniature greenhouse-like thing using a glass terrarium. The tutorial is here!

22. Air Plant Terrarium

This easy DIY at Top Dreamer is perfect for busy apartment-dwellers.

23. Magnetic Terrariums

These pint-sized packs of greenery can bring a touch of nature to your home, or you can gift them. Click here to see the DIY!

24. Mason Jar Terrarium

Quirky glass jars filled with potted plants create a frozen-in-time look. Check out the tutorial here!

25. Kids Terrarium

Create a low-maintenance faux terrarium so that you won’t have to worry about keeping the plants alive. See the DIY here!

26. How to Make a Terrarium

A healthy dose of indirect light and an occasional spritz of water is required to keep this terrarium alright. Visit the Apartment Therapy to learn more!

27. DIY Glass Terrarium

Present your guests a memorable, beautiful, and original return gift like this, click for the tutorial here!

28. Herb Terrarium

Grow herbs in a terrarium For this: you’ll need a large clear plastic ornament, a craft knife, potting soil, and herbs. The tutorial is here!

29. Succulent Sea Terrarium

Create a succulent terrarium that mimics the bottom of the ocean. The tutorial is here!

30. DIY Moss Terrarium

DIY this moss terrarium following this idea here. You can also use it as a centerpiece.

31. Freshwater Terrarium

A tiny ecosystem with a world of its own, this freshwater terrarium adds grace and originality to your home. Visit Scrap and Salvage to learn more!

32. Wooden Terrarium

This blogger’s failure in growing plants made way to a deep love for terrariums that eventually formed the perfect home for her favorite succulents and ferns.

33. Chandelier To Terrarium

These trendy terrariums are remnants of a fancier chandelier. You can’t guess it unless you see this post!

 34. Creative Terrarium

Creative DIY Terrarium Ideas

This tiny terrarium is a fine example of big ideas contained within the small space. Visit Midwest Living to see the DIY!

35. DIY Terrarium Giveaway

DIY terrariums can be used as giveaways during the holiday season, events, and festivals. Visit the Inhabitat to see the project!

36. DIY Terrarium Christmas Tree Ornament

DIY Terrarium Christmas Tree Ornament

Revisit Inhabitat to see how to create this beautiful Terrarium Christmas tree ornament!

37. Tiny Light Bulb Terrarium

Tiny Light Bulb Terrarium idea

Transform a light bulb into a tiny terrarium, following the steps available at the Hipster Home!

38. Apothecary Jar Terrarium

Apothecary jars are decorative. Use them to create a terrarium following the DIY tutorial available at the Censational Girl!

39. DIY Pumpkin Terrarium

This pumpkin terrarium is crafted from a dome clock in five simple steps at the Blesser House

40. DIY Terrarium Ornaments

The greener and cleaner alternative to festive decorations, these terrarium orbs are worthy of looking at. Visit The Little Big Blog to learn more!

41. Hanging Glass Terrarium

This hanging glass terrarium is going to be one of those few home decor items that are not likely to get knocked over by your cats. Visit Wit and Whistle to see the DIY!

42. DIY Patio Tabletop Succulent Garden

This 30 minutes DIY project here will show you how to create a miniature succulent garden.

43. DIY Geometric Terrarium

Geometric patterns make your terrarium sturdy while exuding urban vibes, all with little effort and time. Click here to watch the how-to video!

44. Table Top Terrarium

This tabletop terrarium is not only beautiful but easy to make and low maintenance too. Visit Inspired by Charm to see the DIY!

45. Spring Terrarium

DIY Spring Terrarium Ideas

This DIY terrarium idea here exhibits the bright colors of the spring.

46. Jam Jar Terrarium

Jam Jar Terrarium ideas diy

The hard-to-kill succulents and unused jam jars are all you need to complete this quick, super DIY terrarium project. The tutorial is here!

47. Easy 1 Hour DIY Terrarium

Enjoy pairing succulents of varying colors and textures with this quick DIY here that looks too easy to be true!

48. DIY Hanging Globe and Geo Terrariums

This post at the HomeTalk worth looking at as it shares many terrarium ideas and tips!

49. DIY Woodland Terrarium

Terrariums are the mini world in a glass, and this DIY project at the Ruffled is an excellent example!

50. DIY Coffee Pot Terrarium

Coffee Pot Terrarium Ideas

This coffee pot terrarium idea is one of the best and creative DIY terrarium ideas on this list. The tutorial is here!

51. DIY Terrarium Table

DIY Terrarium Table ideas

Get indoor garden furniture with this DIY terrarium table. The instructions are available at Instructables!

52. Glass Jar Succulent Terrarium

Tiny succulent gardens in glass jars, keep them on your patio table or give them as a gift. The tutorial is here!

53. Terrarium Necklace

Show the world your love for gardening with this terrarium necklace. Find this fantastic DIY project here!

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Make inexpensive homemade terrariums for your home and garden with these 53 DIY Terrarium Ideas available with tutorials!

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  4. These DIY Terrarium Ideas appear to be so astounding, love to be aware of these . Thanks for sharing these ideas, love this one.


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