15 Space Saving Indoor Plant Ideas for Smaller Rooms

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Do you live in an urban home, where space is premium? These Indoor Plant Ideas for Smaller Rooms will help you in creating more space for planting!

City people living in condos and apartments are always short on space. If limited square footage is your problem as well and it’s limiting you from growing plants, then sift through our 15 Indoor Plant Ideas for Smaller Rooms below!

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Indoor Plant Ideas for Smaller Rooms

1. Create a Vertical Green Wall

Indoor Plant Ideas for Smaller Rooms

Make a small living wall in your room plants that grow well vertically. Making a moss wall or hanging air plants from a frame is also a good idea. This is a perfect way to utilize small spaces to bring in the garden-like feel indoors.

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2. Hang Plants From Ceiling

Hanging plants from the ceiling is another amazing idea to utilize unused space. It will certainly add a lot of appeal to your room! And you don’t have to damage your ceiling for this if you’ll follow these ideas here.

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3. Use Pegboards

Indoor Plant Ideas for Smaller Rooms 2

Pegboards are cost-effective and look really cool. All you have to do is to hang them on walls to showcase potted plants.

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4. Use Plant Stands


You don’t need to have plenty of space to grow multiple plants. Using plant stands will ensure you can display multiple pots together.

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5. Make a Windowsill Garden

Indoor Plant Ideas for Smaller Rooms 3

A sunny windowsill is all you need to grow herbs, flowers, or other plants of your choice. This way, you will have a mini-garden of your own on the window.

6. Indoor Terrarium

Terrariums are one of the most popular ideas for people with small spaces as they do not take up much space and are fascinating to look at. They are easy to make, can thrive well with minimal care, and look interesting in any corner they are kept.

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7. Make a Kitchen Countertop Garden

Indoor Plant Ideas for Smaller Rooms 4

Yes! You can do that easily to grow your own supply of herbs or leafy green right on the kitchen countertop! We have a detailed article on how to do it here.

8. Grow Plants in Bathroom

An average person spends at least 30 minutes a day in the bathroom, and it’s an important space where you can grow plants of your choice. We have a great article on bathroom plant shelf ideas here.

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9. Buy Furniture With Space to Plant

Indoor Plant Ideas for Smaller Rooms 5

If you want to be a little playful, buy furniture that has pockets to grow plants and could be used as a table, shelf, rack, plant stand with storage for books and other things.

10. Wall Shelves for Plants

Floating shelves are cheap, look modern, and offer space to display different houseplants in pots. You can also go for a tiered design.

11. Make a Tabletop Garden

Indoor Plant Ideas for Smaller Rooms 6

If you have a small room, then you can have a mini tabletop garden. It looks cute and gives you a chance to have your own little green space in a tight environment.

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12. Use Cloth or Coat Rack to Hang Plants

An old coat or cloth drying rack is an apt way to use limited space in the room to display many pots.

13. Console Tables as Plant Stand

Indoor Plant Ideas for Smaller Rooms 7

Console tables are cheap, take less space, and also look smart. They also make for a great stand to keep several pots in the room.

14. Use Ladders

An old wooden ladder is all you need to keep pots on its steps. It is a funky way to show off your green friends and create more planting space!

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15. Use a Cart or Trolly for Plants

Indoor Plant Ideas for Smaller Rooms 8

Use an IKEA cart or a trolly with wheels to display plants. This way, you can move it around easily to the balcony for the plants to bask in more sun. They are also great for growing herbs!

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