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8 Lovely DIY Ice Cream Cone Planters For Ice Cream Lover Gardeners

If you love ice creams, how about trying these DIY Ice Cream Cone Planters? You can also hang a series of cone planters to create a small hanging ice cream cone garden!

1. Cone Wall Planter

These cute and vibrant shaped cone planters can make any boring wall interesting. Use polymer clay and some other craft materials to make them. To learn more, follow this link.

2. Ice Cream Seedlings

Growing your seedlings in ice cream cones can be a biodegradable option. Check out this link for more information.

3. Clay Ice Cream Cone

Craft an ice cream cone model out of polymer clay to make these beautiful hanging cone planters. The DIY tutorial is available at Brit.

4. Ice Cream Cone

Buy ice cream cones from the market to try this idea. You can involve your kids in this as well. Find the tutorial here.

5. Laced Up Hanging Planter

Not different from many other ice cream cone planter ideas available in this list, you can create this one using polymer clay. The idea is here.

6. Styrofoam Cone Succulent Planters

All you need are Styrofoam cones, scalpel, wooden skewers, paint, dirt, symmetrical succulents, string, and a hot glue gun for this DIY.

7. Cone Wall Planter

Planting succulents, cacti, and airplants in a clay ice cream cone can be a unique idea. Follow the instructions here.

8. DIY Clay Conical Planter

Make a cool looking conical planter for your indoor garden to plant real or faux plants. Check out the tutorial here!


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