7 Bizarre DIY Musical Instrument Planters

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Get old musical instruments and turn them into bizarre pots to grow plants. Get inspiration from these 7 DIY Musical Instrument Planters!

1. DIY Guitar Planter

Dissemble the strings, bridge, and some pieces of an old guitar to make space for plants. For further details, watch this video.

2. Trumpet Planter

Hang a rusted and worn out trumpet at the desired spot and fill it with succulents or other plants. For planting, cover the mouth of your trumpet with enough soil and add the plants. If you wish to skip on the soil part, use air plants instead.

3. Drum Planter

Get old musical instruments and turn them into bizarre pots to grow plants. Get inspiration from these 7 DIY Musical Instrument Planters!

Remove the drum head of either bass or snare drum and begin with the planting process as you do with a planter pot. Add a layer of broken terracotta pieces at the base and then the soil. Choose a combination of plants to grow in this DIY Drum Planter.

4. Piano Planter

musical instrument planter ideas

Remove the strings, soundboard, bridge, tuning pins and any other parts as required to make space. After this, you’ll have enough room to grow combinations of flowering plants.

5. Cello Planter

diy musical instrument planter

Remove the top part of a cello, keeping the bridge, tailpiece, and fingerboard intact. Once you remove the front body of the cello, apply a layer of water sealant to the inner parts. Water sealant will prevent your wooden cello from any damage or degradation due to water. Add a layer of pebbles and rocks to help you with the drainage and then begin your planting process.

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6. Half-Guitar Planter

Use a chisel or power saw to cut the half body of a guitar and utilize the space to grow plants or herbs. This is a great recycling project that gives you a unique planter to display at your porch. Since a guitar is an all-wooden instrument, you must layer the inner part with ample water sealant.

7. Horn Instrument Planter

Just like a trumpet, a natural horn instrument or records player can also be upcycled into a musical planter. To add plants, use the mouthpiece and the corpus of the horn. You can choose any variety of horn instrument and convert it into a planter accordingly.

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