10 Cheap DIY Dustbin Planters That Look Great

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These Dustbin Planters are cheap but look great. You can make them too with the help of tutorials in this article!

1. Metal Trash Can Mobile Garden

Attach casters to regular metal trash cans so that they can move and use plastic bottles as fillers to complete this recycling project. Get the tutorial at HGTV. Also, check out 21 other mobile garden ideas here.

2. Dustbin Planters

These Dustbin Planters are cheap but look great. You can make them too with the help of tutorials in this article!

Galvanized dustbins can be your best resort when you’re trying to find some inexpensive trendy planters. The more of it is here.

3. Trash Can Planter

Convert a trash can into a planter and use its lid as the saucer. Watch the tutorial video here.

4. Potatoes In Trash Can

No ground space to grow potatoes? Don’t worry we have got your back with this easy potato trash can planter idea. The instructions are available at Hope Gardens.
Find 10 ways to grow potatoes here!

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5. Self-Watering Planter

A smart DIY planter idea for busy people–make a self-watering planter to grow food out of a storage bin. The directions are here! Find more self-watering planters with DIY tutorials here.

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6. Trash Can Repurposed into a Planter

Pretty up a plastic trash can with patterns and designs just the way directed in this how-to article.

7. Antique Trash Can Planter

Find an old garbage can and spray paint the handles and rim with copper color. You vintage dustbin planter is ready. Get the details here.

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8. Garbage Can Planter

This trash can-turned planter serves a double purpose–one as a planter, two as a house number and name displayer. Get this creative idea at The Project Spot.

9. Tall Trash Can Planters

Learn how to make appealing tall planters out of trash cans in this DIY. Also, check out more tall planter DIY ideas here.

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10. Turn 0.79 Cent Trash Cans into Expensive Planters

This DIY idea comes from an IKEA store, this blogger here transformed cheap trash cans into planters. Must check out more IKEA hacks for the garden here.

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