42 Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants

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If you’re looking for ideas to grow plants in hanging baskets, then try these Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants!

There are many Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants to make them look better and also use the limited space in the best way possible. Let’s have a look!

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Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants

1. Spider Plant on Wall

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 1

Enhance your wall decor with a spider plant nestled in a sleek conical planter bolted securely to the wall.

2. Hang Colorful Pots with Ropes

Add a pop of color to any space by hanging these adorable mini pots using ropes. These are Clever ways to hang plants for showcasing your favorite foliage.

3. Stainless Steel Hanging Planters

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 2

Elevate your plants’ beauty with the elegant shine of stainless steel planters, making them stand out in style.

4. Scandinavian Design Hanging Planters

These patterned Scandinavian hanging planters are an ideal choice for trailing plants, blending aesthetics and greenery seamlessly with Clever ways to hang plants.

5. Self Design Ceramic Planters

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 3

Achieve a touch of sophistication with white ceramic planters featuring black designs, complementing various decor themes.

6. Macrame Plant Pots

Opt for a trendy look by housing multiple spider plants in hanging macrame pots, creating a cool, artistic display.

7. Hang Pots on a Wooden Log

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 4

Looking for Clever ways to hang plants? Create a natural ambiance by using a wooden or faux log to hang pots by your window, bringing the outdoors in.

8. Hanging Pot using a Twig

Need to Hang plants without them being a nuisance? Embrace simplicity and charm with this minimalist approach to hanging pots, a perfect fit for understated decor.

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9. A Hanging Large Bowl

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 5

Display cascading plants beautifully in a spacious hanging bowl, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

10. Small Hanging Pot in a Wire Frame

Accentuate your table decor with a small black pot hung within a wireframe, complete with a personalized message.

11. Handmade Macrame Planter Hanger

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 6

This handmade macrame plant hanger is a creative way to display the plant of your choice and is definitely one of the best ideas on our list of Clever ways to hang plants!

12. Yellow Pansies

Infuse charm into any space with vibrant yellow pansies adorning your hanging baskets.

13. Multiple Hanging Baskets

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 7

Achieve an eye-catching ceiling display by tying together two or three baskets, adding a touch of whimsy.

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14. Macrame Planters for Pothos and Fern

Why not Hang plants in macrame? Allow the lush foliage of pothos and ferns to thrive in elegant macrame planters, enhancing your decor.

15. Wall Corner Hanging Planters

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 8

Transform your wall corners into green oases with these little planters, the most amazing and Clever ways to hang plants.

16. DIY Wood Hanging Baskets

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 9

Express your creativity with easy-to-make wooden hanging baskets that seamlessly blend with any decor style.

17. Hanging Rack for Kitchen

Save space in your kitchen while growing herbs and plants in a hanging rack that’s both functional and stylish.

18. Bohemian Macrame Hanging Planter

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 10

The white-colored bohemian macrame hanging planter looks classy with dark green foliage plants.

19. Hanging Metal Rack for Plants

Still searching for Clever ways to hang plants? Grow flowers and other plants on this hanging metal rack for plants that you can hang on the windows.

20. Hanging Glass Bowls

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 11

Showcase succulents with elegance by placing them in hanging glass bowls filled with rocks and pebbles.

21. Hanging Glass Terrarium

Add a touch of enchantment to your room by hanging multiple glass terrariums near a window. Terrariums are the best way to Hang plants.

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22. Hanging Plants on Metal Rod

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 12

A single metal rod on our Clever ways to hang plants list will give you enough space to hang multiple pots together for different plants.

23. Glass Planters with Chains

Glass planters of unique shapes and sizes can be hung using metal chains to grow succulents.

24. DIY Hanging Garden

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 13

Create a captivating display by hanging glass bowls and bulbs, showcasing air and other plants with flair.

25. Cool Macrame Plant Hangers

Hang ceramic and wooden bowls in cool macrame plant hangers for an elegant display of plants.

26. Hanging Metal Bowls

You can use utensils from your kitchen for Clever ways to hang plants too. Simply hang them using ropes to grow plants.

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27. Recycled Old Bag Planter

Give new life to an unused bag by fixing it on the wall to Hang plants. Pair it with old shoes turned into a planter!

28. Hanging Baskets

Image Source:-abeautifulmess

Rustic jute boxes make for charming hanging planters, adding a touch of natural beauty to your space.

29. Galvanized Hanging Planter

Put the old galvanized boxes to good use by hanging them using chains to grow trailing and flowering plants.

30. Coconut Shell Planters

Cheap, easy, and good-looking Clever ways to hang plants! Coconut shell planters are a great way to showcase flowering plants.

31. Metal Plant Stand


This versatile metal plant stand allows you to both keep and Hang plants in pots, providing flexibility in your plant arrangement.

32. Mini Macrame Planter for Wall


Enhance your wall decor with macrame planters featuring a wooden board, perfect for wall-mounted pots.

33. Hanging Pots with Twigs on the Ceiling


Add greenery to your room effortlessly with Clever ways to hang plants by installing hooks on the ceiling to suspend your favorite plants.

34. Hanging Boards


These wooden hanging boards are an excellent choice for displaying multiple plants together, adding rustic charm.

35. Wooden Frame to Hang Plants


This wooden frame takes less space and is perfect for keeping pots of trailing plants. The top shelf can be used to Hang plants too!

36. Hanging Pots for Trailing Plants


Create an enchanting display by hanging pots using twigs with Clever ways to hang plants if you love trailing foliage.

37. Upside Down Planters


Infuse fun into your kitchen by displaying plants upside down, offering a quirky yet captivating look.

38. Tilted Hanging Pots

Add a unique twist to your decor by hanging pots slightly tilted, giving your plants a distinctive appearance.

39. Hanging Pots and Picture Frame

Combine the beauty of family photos with your love for plants by hanging pots near a cherished picture frame.

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40. Hanging Fern

Let the graceful fronds of ferns adorn your bedroom window with Clever ways to hang plants, bringing natural beauty into your personal space.

41. Hanging Shelf for Trailing Plants

Spruce up your bedroom decor by installing a hanging shelf above the bed, perfect for showcasing trailing plants.

42. Hanging Pots on the Window

The bright light from the window will make sure the plants in hanging pots stay healthy and green.

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