12 Best 5-Minutes Clever Planting Hacks

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If you are one of those gardeners who want to try new things, then follow these Best 5-Minutes Planting Hacks are just for you!

Here are some handy hints that will help you a lot while growing the plants of your choice! Have a look at these Best 5 Minutes Planting Hacks and make your work easy!

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Best 5 Minutes Planting Hacks

1. Banana Peel and Cacti

Best 5 Minute Planting Hacks

The banana peel acts as an excellent fertilizer, but it has one more excellent gardening use—you can use it to hold thorny cactus as it will save your hand!

Use it to hold the cactus pads and stems while working with them. The peel will save your fingers and works better than gloves.

2. Grafting with Rubber Bands


This method is quite effective for grafting moon cactus (Gymnocalycium mihanovichii). Cut the top of the cactus with a clean, sharp knife. Now cut the cactus you want to graft and adjoin it on the top of the first cactus.

Line them both perfectly, and using the help of a rubber band, bond them securely in place. You can also use a long rubber band to secure the grafted top with the pot’s base to ensure it stays in place. It will grow and become one in a few weeks.

3. Sprouting Corns in Water

Best 5 Minute Planting Hacks 2

Fill a tray with water and place corns into it—in a few days, you will see green leaves sprouting from the midst of golden seeds.

At this stage, remove the whole corn from the water and plant it in a container, covering it entirely with soil except for the green leaves above.

4. Banana Seed Hack


Cut the entire banana from the middle, scoop out its seeds with the help of a spoon. Lay the seeds on a paper towel and place them on the soil. Gently mist and cover them with a thin layer of soil.

Soon they will sprout, remove them carefully without damaging the fragile roots and grow them in individual pots.

5. Blend Moss with Milk / Buttermilk

Best 5 Minute Planting Hacks 3

Take some moss with soil in a blender, add one cup of milk or buttermilk, blend to make a thick paste and spread it on a wooden frame with a spatula. In few days, the frame will be filled with moss! Hang the framed moss on the wall and mist gently.

You can also follow the same method to create a moss-covered pot to give it an aged look.

6. Grow Blueberries

Love blueberries in fruit salads? Then grow them with this hack by simply cutting the fruit, scoop out the seeds and scatter it over the potting mix.

7. Pumpkin from Pumpkin!

Best 5 Minute Planting Hacks 4

Cut a pumpkin, fill it with potting mix on the seeds, mist, and in no time, you will have your pumpkin plants growing from the pumpkin itself!

8. Grow Aloe in a Jiffy


Take an aloe vera leaf and cut it into one-inch pieces, poke them in the soil vertically. The roots will grow back in a few days. You can also grow snake plants in the same way.

9. Bellpepper from Bellpepper

Best 5 Minute Planting Hacks 5

Cut bell pepper into two parts, scatter the seeds inside the vegetable with the finger, and place it in a planter filled with soil. Water thoroughly, keep it where it gets bright, indirect light, and you will soon have many plants in no time! If you want to see more such planting hacks, click here!

10. Succulent Leaves in Bottle


All you need is a plastic soda bottle and healed succulent leaves! Poke as many holes as you want in the bottle and secure sucuclent leaves in the holes, making sure they fit firmly in place.

Keep the bottle where it gets bright, indirect light. Mist the leaves every 3-4 days, and they will propagate in few weeks! You can then transfer them to pots.

For more details, watch the video here

11. Rose Cutting in a Potato


Want to grow roses quickly? Take 6-8 inches long rose cutting, dip the end in honey, and secure it firmly in place in the potato after making a hole in it. Now, bury that potato with the rose cutting in the soil. The cutting will get additional nutrition from the potato and will root soon!

12. Seeds in Ice Cream Cone

Sow seeds that are difficult to transplant in ice cream cones. Since they are entirely biodegradable, this hack will eliminate the need to transplant your seedlings in the desired place. Once the plants become mature enough, directly plant the cones in pots or raised beds as they are compostable.

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