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If you’re looking for creative ways to deck up your kitchen, have a look at these Genius Spice Rack Ideas that’ll blow your mind!

Try out these Genius Spice Rack Ideas that’ll give your kitchen the perfect makeover it needs while saving you a lot of space while doing so!

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Genius Spice Rack Ideas

1. Chalkboard Spice Rack

Spice Rack Ideas

Replace your ordinary kitchen shelf with this attractive spice rack of scrap wood, stained in chalkboard paint. Click here for details!

2. Tiered Spice Rack

Spice Storage Ideas 2

One of the easiest ways to add maximum utility to limited space, this 3 tiered spice rack is sure to blow your mind. Click here for the tutorial!

3. Multi-Tiered Spice Drawer

Spice Rack Ideas 3

Make this multi-tiered spice drawer for an extensive pantry using different dimensions of hobby boards, wood glue, and iron nails. Click here for details!

4. Use Spice Gripper

Spice Storage Ideas 4

Fix spice gripper to the back of cabinet door by using tape clips or screws and store upto 36 spice containers, saving the cabinet space for storing oil, dry ingredients, and more.

5. Cabinet Caddy

Spice Rack Ideas 5

Get your spices handy by rotating these shelves 90 degrees until you find them. It is available with adhesive labels, which helps recognize the spice type.

6. Acrylic Bottle Holder

Spice Storage Ideas 6

Give your spice arrangement techniques a makeover by storing them aesthetically in an acrylic bottle holder sheet.

7. Wall-Mounted Chicken-Wire Rack

Spice Rack Ideas 7

Install this chicken-wire wall-mounted spice rack to the kitchen wall or back of your pantry door for simple vertical storage. The four shelves can suit many standard bottles.

8. Bekvam Spice Rack

Spice Storage Ideas 8

This IKEA versatile birch shelf only costs $5 and gives you enough space for storing spices beautifully at eye level.

9. Spice Drawer Liner

Spice Rack Ideas 9

This custom drawer option comes at a pocket-friendly price. Cut the soft foam liners using kitchen scissors to fit properly- no permanent installation or mounting is needed.

10. IKEA Shelves

Spice Storage Ideas 10

Get your hands on IKEA Bekvam shelves, stain them in black spray paint and mount the brilliant spice rack on the kitchen wall. Make one for yourself like this.

11. Dollar Tree Spice Organizer

Spice Rack Ideas 11

This easy spice organizer will be an excellent addition to your kitchen if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option. Watch the tutorial here!

12. Reclaimed Wood and Copper Spice Rack

Spice Storage Ideas 12

Sharp your wood carving skills and create this spacious wooden and copper spice rack. Mount it on the wall for a rustic display. Watch the video for details!

13. Pallet Rack

Spice Storage Ideas 13

Upcycle old wooden pallets into a multi-shelved spice rack to store the mini spice jars at an arm’s distance. Get the details here!

14. Spinning Countertop Spice Rack

Spice Storage Ideas 14

If you like storage that revolves, then add this countertop design a whirl. It includes 16 containers.

15. Magnetic Spice Jars

Spice Storage Ideas 15  Spice Rack Ideas 15

Mount these magnetic spice jars on a metal plate or stick them on the refrigerator. This idea looks colorful and eye-catching and saves space with a hexagonal shape like a honeycomb.

16. Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer

 Spice Rack Ideas 16

Install this pull-out cabinet in an existing unused cabinet area, and the adjustable shelves give you a lot of space for keeping spices.

17. Glass Test Tube Spice Storage Set

 Spice Rack Ideas 17

Use test tubes cleverly with this idea for storing spices as the kitchen is also a great place to experiment, like labs.

18. Adjustable Drawer Organizer

 Spice Rack Ideas 18

Get rid of messy rolling bottles in the kitchen drawer by using tiered transparent, clear, black, or white plastic expands that fit the width. Angled levels give an easier view.

19. Wooden Pallet

 Spice Rack Ideas 19

A painted wooden pallet turned shelves is a great option for storing spices. See DIY here.

20. 3-Tier Spice Organizer

 Spice Rack Ideas 20

This 3-tier spice organizer offers non-skid pads on every level. Make sure that bottles won’t topple when you approach the sauce or vanilla on the top level.

21. Designer Spice Rack

 Spice Rack Ideas 21

Keep the spices at eye level on the countertop with this acacia wood spice rack that comes with eighteen pre-filled glass spice bottles.

22. Pull-Down Spice Rack

Spice Storage Ideas 22

Install this three-tier wire spice rack inside the cabinet and pull it to eye level when you want to cook.

23. Cabinet Spice Organizer

Spice Storage Ideas 24

This hidden storage idea can be mounted on the undersides of the cabinet shelves and can be pulled out when needed.

24. Wall-Mount Spice Rack

Spice Storage Ideas 23

Mount this spice rack to the back of any cabinet door for storing spice bottles! It doesn’t require any drilling or hardware.

25. Modular Walnut Spice Rack

Spice Storage Ideas 25

These streamlined magnetic walnut cubes are super strong and need the least mounting. The spice bottles look organized and at eye level.

26. Magnetic Spice Rack

Spice Storage Ideas 26

Keep the spices where you require them with this DIY magnetic spice rack made from scrap wood and a metal tray. Get inspiration here.

27. Magnetic Spice Shelf

Spice Storage Ideas 28

Declutter cabinets and countertops by using this magnetic spice rack shelf, fix it to the side of the refrigerator closet and keep your go-to spices in it.

28. Two-Tier Spice Drawer

Spice Storage Ideas 28

Have this two-tier spice drawer for organizing spices systematically for a clear view and access.

29. Spice Storage Rack

 Awesome Spice Storage Ideas

If there is an empty space in your upper cabinet, try this DIY spice storage rack that needs a spring tension curtain rod.

30. Four-Tier Spice Rack Organizer

Wodden Spice Storage Ideas Spice Storage in jars Ideas

This idea offers a four-tier spice storage shelf that saves space and keeps the bottles at eye level.

31. Soda Bottle Crate Spice Rack

Soda Bottle Crate Spice Rack

Look out resale shops for spice rack ideas that you can stain, paint or refinish yourself.

32. Cork Test Tube Spice Rack

 Cork Test Tube Spice Rack

This DIY is a creative idea to keep the most-used spices handy in small quantities using a wooden board, cork test tubes, O rings, and woodworking tools. Get the details here!

33. Mini Mason Jar Spice Rack

mini Spice Rack

Get a pine board and attach panels, dividing the sections into shelves to store spices in mini mason jars. Get the tutorial here!

34. Spinning Spice Rack

Spinning Spice rack

A spinning spice rack is a must-have for most households for its easy functionality and minimal space requirements. Make one for yours from here!

35. Scrap Wood Spice Rack

Scrap Wood Spice Rack

A scrap wood board, wood cutting saw, iron nails, and little woodworking skills are enough to create this super functional spice rack. Get the details here!

36. Mini Hanging Jars

Mini Hanging Jars | Spice storage idea

Get mini jars and twine wires around them to hang on the hooks of your kitchen wall. This is the easiest DIY on the list. Learn more here!

37. Upcycled Crate Rack

 Upcycled Crate Rack

Transform a discarded coke crate into a spacious spice rack by mounting it vertically on the wall. Click here for details.

38. DIY Spice Drawer

A drawer bin Spice rack

A drawer bin is super utilitarian; you can keep the more-frequently used spices handy and get them anytime. Check the details here!

39. Magnetic Chalkboard Spice Rack

 chalkboard spice rack

This chalkboard spice rack is a super functional idea to keep the spices in a limited space, adding a creative appeal to your kitchen. Get the tutorial here!

40. Floating Spice Rack

Floating Spice Rack

Mount a few wooden pallets on your kitchen wall, and you are good to go with floating shelves to store the spices. Get the details here!

41. Cardboard Spice Rack

Cardboard Spice Rack | Spice rack ideas

Engage the kiddos in this creative task to design a DIY cardboard spice rack for your kitchen. Click here for the tutorial!

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