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House your favorite plants in these charming DIY Vintage Planter Ideas and make them stand out with a touch of old-style!

These DIY Vintage Planter Ideas are the best ways to add a timeless charm to your plants. They are also easy to make!

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DIY Vintage Planter Ideas

1. Cane / Wicker Planter

 DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 1

Cane / Wicker planters have this certain rustic vibe and render a classic look to any space where you keep them.

2. Typewriter Planter

Pots from Old Items 2

An old typewriter can be used for showcasing succulents or any plants of your choice, it will surely catch the attention of the onlooker. Find the tutorial here.

3. Bucket and Hand Pump Planter

 DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 3

Create a distinct planter from an old rusty bucket and a hand pump. Copy the look with the help of this image.

4. Car Bonnet Planter

Pots from Old Items 4

Yes! You can smartly use an old rusty car bonnet and give it a make-over by growing plants or ferns in the same way shown in the picture.

5. Vintage Galvanized Planter

 DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 5

Check out this great DIY to make a vintage planter that you can keep on a porch and patio to grow flowers.

6. Junk Planter

Pots from Old Items 6

All you need is an old piece of junk like this that you can get for cheap or even free to grow succulents.

7. Vintage Toolbox Planter

 DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 7

Use a vintage toolbox and add pieces of stone, pebbles, and growing medium to grow succulents. Details are here.

8. Tea Pot Planter

Pots from Old Items 8

An old and charming vintage teapot is all you need to grow succulents or herbs of your choice. It can be an amazing tabletop centerpiece too.

9. Tin Can Planter

 DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 9

Adorn a tin can with paper doilies, vintage images, border strips, and glue to recreate this idea. Get the directions at The Graphics Fairy.

10. Vintage Planter

Pots from Old Items 10

Utilize a rustic chicken feeder to create a cast planter out of it. The instructions are available here.

11. Vintage Chair

 DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 11

Repurpose a threadbare chair to make a vintage mossy planter like this. Visit The Hometalk for further details.

12. Vintage Phone Planter

Pots from Old Items 12

Dismantle and reassemble a vintage telephone to have a phone planter for yourself. Watch this video tutorial to learn more.

13. Cheery Porch Decor

 DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 13

With the addition of some hardware parts and flowers, you can build a vintage porch planter in no time. Visit here to get the How-to.

14. Vintage Tea Cup Planter

Pots from Old Items 14

Add life to any charismatic set of teacups and saucers by planting cacti or succulents. Get the directions here.

15. Wooden Shoe Planter

 DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 15

Display a set of vintage souvenir dutch shoes with succulents on a wooden board to replicate this idea. Here are the instructions.

16. Vintage Book Planter

Pots from Old Items 16

Choose any worn-out book and cut the pages into squares to fill the space with succulents or other mini plants. Visit HGTV for the directions.

17. Window Planter Box

 DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 17

Attach a wooden planter box to a vintage window to grow plants in less space. The DIY video is here.

18. Wash Tub Planters

Pots from Old Items 18

Install a planter pot in a galvanized washtub and fill the rest space with soil. Check out the directions here.

19. Bird Cage Planter

 DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 19

Select, hose, and spray paint a rusted birdcage to convert it into a stylish centerpiece for outdoor dining. The tutorial is here.

20. Metal Watering Can Planter

Pots from Old Items 20

Ornament an old galvanized watering can with a variety of seashells for this idea. The DIY is here.

21. Vintage Planter

 DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 21

Make a low-maintenance farmhouse-style planter by using an enamelware bowl and succulents. You can get the information here.

22. Vintage Trunk Planter

Pots from Old Items 22

If you have a vintage trunk underlying in your store, it’s the right time to employ it to action. Use vinyl sheeting, plants, gravel, and other decorative items to complete this DIY. Follow here.

23. Wash Tub Herb Garden

 DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 23

Another interesting way in which you can use a washtub for planting, this time for herbs! Look here for the tutorial.

24. Old Window Planter

Pots from Old Items 24

Reuse a single pane window to create a hanging garden planter. You can visit The Inhabitat for the directions.

25. Food Mill Planter

 DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 25

The list of things you can convert into a planter is endless. This time, use a food mill to grow a spreading plant. Here’s the idea.

26. Wagon Garden Planter

Pots from Old Items 26

Here’s a tutorial that directs you to create this vintage wagon garden for yourself inexpensively!

27. Old Jug and Bowl Set

 DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 27

An old jug and bowl set is all you need to grow your favorite flowers and keep them on a patio or balcony. You can also get these at cheap rates on eBay.

28. Vintage Duck Head Planter

Pots from Old Items 28

This vintage duck planter is made from heavy brass, if you have something like this too–try that. It can be a classy addition to tabletops!

29. Silver Trophy Planter

 DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 29

Don’t let that old silver trophy of your son go to waste and use it in a creative way to grow a plant like this.

30. Vintage Blue and White China Creamer

Pots from Old Items 30

A cute little trio of succulents is going to look stunning in this beautiful blue and white China creamer.

31. Vintage Iron Planter

 DIY Vintage Planter Ideas 31

The best part about this vintage iron planter is it can house any potted plant with ease. You can get one easily at any salvage shop.

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