29 Really Unique Plant Ceiling Ideas

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Give your Interiors an aesthetic tropical touch with these Unique Plant Ceiling Ideas, displaying those dainty vines in style!

Find out some really Unique Plant Ceiling Ideas and upgrade the style quotient of your house with a touch of greenery!

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Unique Plant Ceiling Ideas

1. Suspended Pothos Ceiling over the Dining Table

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2. Mesh Ceiling of Real or Faux Heart-Shaped Foliage

3. Suspended Ceiling of Faux Swiss Cheese and String Plants



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4. Studio Ceiling of Vining Houseplants


5. Pots of Vines and Hanging Plants from the Ceiling


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6. Vintage Studio with Wooden Pallet Plant Ceiling

7. Suspended Houseplant Roof in a French Cafe





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8. Indoor Plant Ceiling over a Fashion Studio


9. Vining Green Vault and Giant Swiss Cheese Entrance


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10. Hanging Macrame Planters Against White Backdrop


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11.  Ivy and Monstera Shading an Aesthetic Photo Wall


12. Vines Trailing Up the Ceiling in an Open Balcony

Shirley Stover-Wilkins

13. Drooping Plants from the Ceiling Shelf


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14. Coffee Station with Vining Houseplants in the Ceiling


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15. Luxury Green Roof over the Dining with Pallet Boxes

16. Cascading Houseplant from the Ceiling Shelf


17. Contemporary Art Station with Inverted Faux Houseplants

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18. Vintage Cafe with Vining Roof and Edison Bulbs

19. Open Balcony Ceiling Edged with Vines and Ferns

20. Indoor Studio with Faux Ivy Roof and Fiddle Leaf Fig


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21. Hanging Kokedama Balls, Houseplants & Retro Bulbs


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22. Suspended Faux Ivy Wooden Frame with Glass Lights

23. Vining Plant Ceiling over a Cozy Room

24. Suspended Ladder of Plants and Lights


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25. Tropical Yard Corner Shaded with Hanging Houseplants

26. Green Ceiling with Hanging Lights Decking a Lavish Sit Out


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27. Inverted Faux Plants for Decor


28. Vining Pergola at an Outdoor Studio

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29. Classy Interior Decor with Hanging Plant Ceiling

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