13 Cute Round Leaf Succulents

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Discover the captivating allure of the Best Round Leaf Succulents with unique shapes and stunning colors, creating a masterpiece.

Take a look at the Best Round Leaf Succulents! From the Moonstones to the Mexican Snowball, these plants boast a diverse range of round leaves that add an exquisite touch to any space.

Best Round Leaf Succulents

We have also included succulents that have cylindrical round leaves, small twisted leaves, and also the ones that have them curved at the corners (top and sides), which gives them a ’round’ look.

1. String of Buttons

Best Round Leaf Succulents 1

Botanical Name: Crassula perforata

First on the list of round leaf succulents, the String of Buttons features small, round leaves stacked along trailing stems, resembling a string of buttons.

2. Paddle Plant Cute Round Leaf Succulents

Botanical Name: Kalanchoe luciae

Recognized for its flat, round leaves that take on a vibrant red hue when exposed to sunlight. The leaves resemble a cluster of paddle-shaped gems.

3. Cocoon Plant

best Cute Round Leaf Succulents

Botanical Name: Senecio haworthii

Sporting captivating round shape leaves covered in silvery hairs, this succulent evokes the appearance of a fuzzy cocoon, creating a visually appealing and unique focal point.

4. Cuban Oregano

Round Leaf Succulents

Botanical Name: Plectranthus amboinicus

Next on the list of round leaf succulents, the Cuban Oregano showcases small, rounded leaves with a velvety texture and a vibrant green color.

5. String of Turtles

beautiful Cute Round Leaf Succulents

Botanical Name: Peperomia prostrata

With small, round leaves and intricate patterns resembling the scutes of a turtle shell. It is easy to grow and looks great hanging down the shelves.

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6. Burro’s TailAdorable round succulent leaves

Botanical Name: Sedum morganianum

Known for its trailing habit, the Burro’s Tail features small, plump leaves that grow densely along cascading stems, resembling a lush, round tail.

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7. Plover Eggs Plant

best Adorable round succulent leaves

Botanical Name: Adromischus cooperi

Another cute round leaf succulent, its foliage resembles speckled eggs. It displays an intricate pattern of reddish-brown spots on its green surface.

8. Bear’s Paw

 round succulent leaves

Botanical Name: Cotyledon tomentosa

Bear’s Paw exhibits plump, rounded leaves covered in soft, fuzzy hairs resembling tiny bear paws. Its unique texture makes it one of the best round-leaf succulents.

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9. Jade Necklace

amazing Adorable round succulent leaves

Botanical Name: Crassula ‘Baby’s Necklace’

Another on the list of round-leaf succulents, the Jade Necklace forms trailing stems adorned with rounded leaves that resemble a delicate strand of green beads.

10. Jelly Bean Plant

Beautiful round-leafed succulents

Botanical Name: Sedum rubrotinctum

Resembling a handful of vibrant jelly beans, the Jelly Bean Plant displays plump, round leaves in shades of green, yellow, and red.

11. Baby’s Necklace

Best Beautiful round-leafed succulents

Botanical Name: Crassula rupestris

The Baby’s Necklace forms a trailing cascade of small, round leaves in shades of green, which appear like a delicate necklace adorning its stems.

12. Calico Hearts

Adorable Succulents with Round Leaf

Botanical Name: Adromischus maculatus

Calico Hearts exhibits small, round leaves with green and white speckles resembling delicate calico patterns that enchant everyone.

13. Jade Plant

top Adorable Succulents with Round Leaf

Botanical Name: Crassula ovata

Last, on the list of round leaf succulents, this one displays round, fleshy leaves in a vibrant shade of green. It is cherished for its symbolic significance and aesthetic appeal.

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