28 DIY Command Hook Ideas For The Garden

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Instead of using hammers and nails, use command hooks to complete home projects. Check out these DIY Command Hook Ideas For The Garden!

Command hooks are easy to fix, leave no sticky residues behind, and are made to withstand extremes of temperatures. They are particularly useful for hanging lightweight items or for temporarily hanging items in a location. Here are DIY Command Hook Ideas For The Garden to make the most of these hooks.

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DIY Command Hook Ideas For The Garden

1. Create a Trellis

DIY Command Hook Ideas For The Garden 1

Create a DIY trellis to support your climbing plants by using twine and command hooks. The step-by-step DIY is here!

2. DIY Kitchen Vertical Garden

Express your love for gardening in your kitchen without wasting counter space or turning the window sill into a container forest. Create a vertical garden along the side of your cabinets. A few plastic pots, command hooks, and some paint are all you need. Click here to see the DIY!

3. DIY Hanging Herb Garden

DIY Command Hook Ideas For The Garden 3

Growing herbs in your kitchen if it receives a few hours of sunlight vertically by making this Do-it-yourself hanging herb garden using command hooks. Learn more here!

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4. Hanging Wall Terrariums

The small terrariums containing plants are held in place with the help of command hooks and can be interchanged with nursery pots. Air plants are great options for this project, as they are easy to maintain and pretty self-sufficient. But don’t hesitate to experiment with succulents. Learn more here!

5. Vintage Hanging Basket

DIY Command Hook Ideas For The Garden 5

This vintage colander has the typical feel of countryside decor and is a nice substitute for a regular hanging planter. Hang it as a standalone piece on your porch, balcony, or somewhere in your garden with the help of command hooks. The easy DIY tutorial is here to follow!

6. Outdoor Organizer

Despite being heavy and hard to miss, gardening tools are easy to lose, especially if you have a whole lot of them and lack a storage spot for everything. Hanging them up is a good idea, probably one of the easiest DIY command hook uses to follow. Watch the how-to video here!

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7. Bird Feeder

DIY Command Hook Ideas For The Garden 7

Reward the winged and chirpy pollinators visiting your garden by creating attractive bird feeders and hang them up in places where they visit most. This project is also a lovely way to involve your kids in gardening. Click here to see the tutorial!

8. Outdoor Lanterns

Make your own lanterns with some quart-size jars, LED lights and command hooks. Easy to assemble and dismantle, they are perfect for creating the right atmosphere for your next outdoor gathering. Learn more here!

9. Bloom Outdoor Sign

DIY Command Hook Ideas For The Garden 9

This snazzy outdoor sign serves to liven up your outdoor space. Here’s the step-by-step tutorial to follow!

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10. Hubcap Flower Art

Painted with the brightest of colors, these hubcaps add a quirky twist to your garden wall or in your home on the rooftop. And command hooks give you a chance to hang up your creation. See more of it here!

11. Hang Mason Jars with Herbs Using Command Hooks

Grow your herb garden in the kitchen or outdoors with command hooks, follow the tutorial here.

12. Vine Trailing Plants with Command Hooks

There are numerous ways to vine houseplants on walls, use small command hooks to vine trailing plants on the wall. Check the DIY here.

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13. Hang Plants Using Command Hooks

We all know there are many Do’s and Don’ts in rental homes, like drilling is restricted by some landlords. Well, if you want to create a small green zone by taking these limitations in your mind then check this video.

14. Floating Planters on Wall

Mount glass vessels carrying plants on a wall using clear command removable hooks and create this beautiful magical collage.

15. Hanging Flower Pots with Command Hook

Transform the look of your window with this beautiful idea. Fasten command hook on the top of window rim and hang mason jars carrying flowers using twine.

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16. Hang Wandering Jew on Wall


Fill narrow glass bottles with non-chlorinated water, tie a twine, set command hooks, and hang them on the wall for a beautiful look.

17. Square Floating Shelves and  Command Hooks

Buy hanging square floating shelves and cling them on a wall using command hooks to create this beautiful look.

18. Wreath Hangers

Command hooks are a great way to hang stockings and wreaths to the furniture without damaging it. Here is how to DIY.

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19. Glass Door Plant Hanger

Want to hang a plant on a glass-paned door without leaving a hole mark? Check out this DIY to learn how to hand plants on glass doors using command hooks.

20. Christmas Decorations

Commands hooks are an excellent way to hang string lights or décor on your mantel for the holiday season. These can also be used on walls, doors, and windows. Here is the DIY.

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21. String Organizer

Garden hooks can also eliminate the mess of entangled wires and strings. Learn how to DIY here.

22. Door Organizer

Here is the perfect idea for those who love to keep it clean. Garden hooks can be used to create a DIY project like this one and organize all your kitchen or garden tools.

23. Wall Art

Want to hang some wall art without damaging the wallpaper? Command hooks for hanging plants can also be used to hang fantastic wall art. Here is the DIY.

24. Vine Garlands

Garden Hooks can do just about anything. Just like this DIY to hang beautiful vine garlands on doorways for the holiday season.

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25. Command Hook Cabinet Accessories

Command hooks for hanging plants can also enhance kitchen cabinets with these amazing DIY cabinet door hooks for lids.

26. Vegetable Rack

An amazing DIY Command Hook Idea For The Garden is creating a produce rack to hold all your fresh vegetables from your garden. Learn how to DIY here.

27. Banner Hooks

Have a party and don’t know how to hang the banners? Follow this DIY to use garden hooks for hanging party banners effortlessly.

28. Macrame Hangers

Want to decorate your walls with some Macrame art or a macramé planter? Command hooks for hanging plants are perfect for the idea. Check out the DIY here.

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