28 Genius Garden Plant Shelf Ideas

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Have a look at some useful Garden Plant Shelf Ideas that will help you save a lot of space while growing your favorite green friends!

A small patio, garden, or open space can be transformed completely by using these Garden Plant Shelf Ideas! Try them today.

Have a look at some amazing ladder shelves for the garden here

Garden Plant Shelf Ideas

1. A Tall Plant Shelf

You just need a tall metal structure with inbuilt shelves to display pots like this.

2. Modern A-Frame Plant Stand

Here’s a smart and space-saving plant stand that will look great on a patio.

3. Outdoor Plant Shelf

Check out this amazing DIY outdoor plant shelf with 3 tiers. Takes little space and displays lots of plants!

4. A-Shaped Plant Stand

This A-shaped plant stand is easy to make and you just need some basic supplies like wood panels and a few other tools for this.

5. Modern Plant Shelf

This modern plant shelf DIY is pretty easy and the best part? You can make it for under $10!

6. Modern Hanging Plant Shelf

This DIY vertical garden is an easy-to-make project that can turn a window into a beautiful and productive herb garden.

7. Cinder Block Shelves

All you need are 4 cinder blocks, 8-foot cedar 1X12, liquid Nails, and a caulk gun for this DIY.

8. Rolling Garden and Plant Shelf

These DIY rolling shelves are a perfect way to create a vertical herb garden with plant decor for indoor or outdoor use!

9. Wooden Ladder Shelf

This plant ladder shelf is the perfect solution for anyone with limited space to grow and display plants. Details are here.

10. Stylish Outdoor Wood Trellises Plant Stand

This DIY garden project uses inexpensive materials from the home improvement store to create an impressive vertical planter.

11. Self-Design Plant Shelf

This self-design plant shelf can be easily made using wooden planks and basic tools.

12. Hanging Plant Shelf for Courtyard


Make a wooden shelf and hang it in your courtyard to display plants in rustic pots.

13. Old Wooden Ladder


Just get a pair of old wooden ladders from a salvage yard for cheap and use them as plant shelves!

14. Metal Plant Shelf


These ready-made metal plant shelves will save you a lot of space while displaying a lot of plants!

15. Hanging Plant Shelf for the Fence


Decorate your fence in style by hanging a wooden plant shelf on it! Don’t forget to surround it with lots of potted plants!

16. Freestanding Plant Shelf


This Freestanding Plant Shelf is great for small spaces like a patio or small yard.

17. Wall Mounted Garden Shelf

This wall-mounted garden shelf will look great on a small yard’s fence or wall.

18. Wrought Iron Shelf


This vintage hanging wrought iron plant shelf can add a lot of appeal to any wall with flower pots!

19. Tall Black Plant Shelf

This tall black plant shelf will add a contrasting look to the light-colored walls and is perfect to grow small plants and herbs.

20. Tiered Garden Plant Shelf

This three-tiered garden plant shelf offers enough space to place multiple pots.

21. Vintage Wooden Shelf


A salvage yard would be a great place to find a vintage shelf that you can hang on the wall to show potted plants.

22. Mini Outdoor Plant Shelf

Store and organize all your small potted plants with the help of this mini shelf. It will look great on a patio!

23. Wooden Shelf with Panels


An old shelf can be repurposed to showcase potted plants in the garden. The glass panels will add to its charm!

24. Space Saving Smart Shelf


This space-saving and smart wooden shelf can fit easily into any corner and can display a variety of plants!

25. Tall Shelf for Pots


All you need are some wood panels to make this one easily. It adds a retro look to the space, too.

26. Vintage Wrought Iron Shelf

Salvage yards are the best places to find such retro shelves. You can get them for cheap and they look amazing with pots.

27. Circular Shelf

This metal circular shelf takes very little space and also looks beautiful. Place it on a patio to grow flowers!

28. Tall Ladder Shelf for Herbs

This tall ladder is perfect to grow variety of herbs in a small space!

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