23 Creative & Modern Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas

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Here are 23 Creative and Modern Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas that you can copy to transform any of your empty wall completely!

If you want to introduce greenery to your room creatively without sacrificing the floor space, then get inspired by these 23 modern Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas!

Learn how to trail plants from the wall here

Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas

1. Mini Plant Baskets Clamped on Wooden Planks

Fix jute baskets or other pots on wooden planks by means of clamps.

2. Staghorn Ferns on Wooden Boards

Here’s one of the most stylish ways to grow staghorn ferns in your home!

3. Hanging Planters on Wooden Frame

Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas 2

Fix a wooden frame on the wall and hang pots of different sizes on them.

4. Air Plants in Cute Geometric Holders


Hang or stick mini planters on the wall to display air plants.

5. Grid Frame for Climbing Plants

Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas 3

A metal grid frame like this is great for climbing plants like pothos.

6. Old Curtain Rods to Hang Planters

Hang containers of different sizes on curtain rods to grow herbs and salad greens in your kitchen.

7. Magnetic Self Watering Planters

Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas 4

These magnetic self-watering planters are perfect for refrigerators or walls to grow herbs and small plants.

8. Wire Wall Baskets

Plant Moms of Manila

These wire wall baskets are best for empty spaces on walls to display different potted plants. Check out this Reddit discussion to learn how to do this!

9. Wire Mesh For Plants

Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas 5

Hang a wire mesh on any empty wall and utilize the space to showcase plants.

10. Wooden Geometric Sections to Display Plants


Make wooden sections of different geometric shapes and display faux plants in them.

11. Trailing Plants in Grouped White Planters on Wall

Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas 6

The contrasting color combination of white pots with the lush green foliage of the plant will make this arrangement stand out!

12. Hang in There!


A small wooden pallet frame on the wall is perfect to showcase different plants in little tubular pots.

13. Wooden Ladder for Climbing Plant

Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas 7

Placing a tall and narrow ladder like this, right behind the pot of a climbing plant like mini monstera or philodendron, will help it climb nicely.

14. Plant Hanger with Rod, Chain, and S-Hooks

Suspend a rod using chains and S-hooks to hang macrame planters!

15. Plant Cuttings in Test Tubes

Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas 51

Display cuttings of different plants in test tubes on wooden shelves on a wall. To see more propagation station ideas like this, click here!

16. A Pallet Shelf Wall

Make a pallet shelf wall with individual sections to display different plants either outdoors or indoors!

17. Climbing Plant on IKEA Memo Board with Clips

Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas 41

Decorate your room’s wall using faux or real climbing plants on IKEA’s memo board with clips.

18. Succulents in Hanging Wooden Boxes


Display succulents in hanging wooden boxes. You can also use artificial ones.

19. Space Efficient Wall Garden with Ladders

Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas 31

Hang ladders on a wall to showcase pots of different plants in matching white shade.

20. Hexagon Floating Shelves

Hexogon floating shelves on the wall are perfect to create an indoor wall garden.

21. Window Planter Made with Old Picture Frames

Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas 33

Make a window planter using old picture frames for a green wall! Details are here.

22. Terra Cotta Potted Plant Wall

Screw terra cotta color plastic pots on the wall, add a growing medium, and grow plants like succulents, air plants, or moss. Click here for details.

23. Concrete Living Wall Planters

Indoor Plant Wall Decor Ideas 22

These concrete planters are unique, easy to make, and allow everyone to create their own mini stackable vertical gardens or large living walls! Details are here.

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